CEdric by BAZAK for CE Contest 2 (2012)

"Unfortunately, things had not been easy at all for CEdric. Since he landed on Earth, he had been having trouble adapting himself to this new environment. He was an alien, he could not find a job and girls ignored him. What's more, he got his bank account seized because he did not pay the rent of the apartment where he was living. Alone and desperate, he spent days wandering around the world totally alone.

In one of these walks, a stranger gave him a DIY CE TOY and his life changed forever. Thanks to his knowledge in quantum physics and thanks to all the things he knew about enriched amiantum, he could customize a CE Toy and turned it into a spaceship so he could go back to his home planet. But he was not totally satisfied with this. He swore that someday he would come back to the Earth to conquer it with an army of customized CE Toys… and that day has arrived."

So goes the 'origin' of BAZAK's CEdric - whose designs are one of the chosen 5 International Finalists to do 'battle' in the coming CE CONTEST 2 Final Battle in Thailand! Check out more images of his work on www.bazakattack.com, and read what he had to say about the intentions of his CE design:
"When customizing the CE Toy I was totally focused on reversing the design. As soon as I inverted the CE Toy I realized that the head had to be a spaceship. From that moment on, the rest of the design just came naturally. I think that by reversing the Toy you can give the platform another shape and lots of new ways of customizing."


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