TRAX by BRiZL for CE Contest 2 (2012)

"My intentions for this design was to express that no matter where we are, we will always have a reason to rebel, and find a way of doing just that. Based on this idea, I came up with this character, who is part of an organization that is against the Space King and the government! The Space Taggas!! (yeah, Star Wars is one of my big influences in life)

This character in particular is very good at what he does. And he goes by the name, TRAX, as that is what he leaves behind. He has acquired a bit of alien DNA to speed up his process of creating and tagging, but also has enhanced his vision in his right eye. His reflexes are enhanced as well and is able to get away as fast as he tags on an unexpected spaceship.

His equipment consists of customized spray cans that can withstand highly compressed CO2 to make tagging possible in outer space. He's one of Space Taggas valued members! And he won't be stopped anytime soon!"

Words and images by Leonard Brizuela AKA BRiZL - one of the finalists chosen for the upcoming CE Contest Final Battle, happening March 29-31st in Thailand! Representing the United States of America, TRAX the Space Tagger is the focus of his chosen design submission!

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BRiZL said…
Wow! Thanks for the awesome post Andy! :D wish me luck in Thailand!