About Those KAWS Bootleg Toys (Comparison Images Between Original & Fake)

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'Jiminy Cricket! Folks are bootlegging KAWS toys?' - and while it comes as no surprise, we've rarely had a chance to see how they are, compared to the originals (c'mon face it, I certainly do not have the resources to procure both an original and a fake in the first place … "Original-Fake", geddit? lol) until now … Spotted these on LMF Michael's FB-stream (who himself had been a 'victim' of this heinous toy-crime! He mentions points to notice here in Mandarin) and had wanted to share it with you folks here. Seems there is an existence of a bootleg KAWS Pinnochio - and the images shown above compares it next to a legit figurine (in case you were wondering, the legit one is image-right).


Crosses too even, crooked noses and sub-standard printing? Apparently they are being offered thru Ebay right now, so be careful what you're purchasing, folks! Although truth be told, if affordable, this would be the only way to score one and custom over it, isn't it? … WHAT? Paint Over An Original One? Are You Insane? LOL … and what about these other KAWS toys comparisons? If it's too good a deal, it probably is :)

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AP said…
Thanks for your article. It saved me a lot of money from buying a fake.
Do you have comparison on Boba Fett and Darth Vader? Thank you.
Dear AP: Unfortunately I have not come across any comparisons for Fett or Vader tho :p