Hot Toys Does Classic RoboCop Diecast & ED-209 in 1/6


Wow. Hot Toys is about to bust your toy-world with not one or two, but THREE 1/6th-scaled offerings from the classic RoboCop line! The RoboCop: 1/6th scale RoboCop Collectible Figure, 1/6th scale RoboCop Collectible Figure with Mechanical Chair, and RoboCop: 1/6th scale ED-209 Collectible!

And you know what seals the deal? Both the RoboCop figures come diecast. So are you having a geekgasm yet? Dig deep into thy wallets, peons, and pay tribute to this cult fav when it hits pre-orders and toy-shelves!

UPDATED: Sideshow Toys has pre-orders on these figures - US$299.99 for RoboCop, US$424.99 for RoboCop with Mechanical Chair, and US$409.99 for ED-209, all three with a February 2014 estimated ship-date!

Now, let's have a closer look at the products, shall we? Each image clicks to my Facebook album which holds ALL of them in one single drool-inducing spot!

PRESS: 'Part Man. Part Machine. All Cop. RoboCop is an iconic character from a classic Sci-fi movie of the 80s. Hot Toys has previously introduced the 1/6th scale RoboCop Collectible Figure in 2006 and has received great response. We have heard that fans have been longing for a new collectible figure release of this beloved character and it is a now great time to revisit this classic film by introducing the 1/6th scale RoboCop Collectible Figure which is specially equipped with sound effect.

RoboCop series is the latest addition to Hot Toys’ MMS Diecast Series in which the collectible figures are made of diecast material, specially designed to look more closely to the realistic RoboCop in the movie. The MMS Diecast Series will take fans to the next level of authenticity, focusing on the materials, fine details and engineering of the collectible figure. '
PRESS: 'The movie-accurate RoboCop Collectible Figure is highly-detailed. It features a new sculpted body, black, light grey and silver armor, interchangeable lower faces, working thigh gun holster and the ability to speak memorable quotes from the movie.'

PRESS: 'In addition, we are also introducing the 1/6th scale RoboCop Collectible Figure specially equipped with sound effect and the Mechanical Chair (Docking Station). Fans will be able to reenact the notable scene where RoboCop has a dream and begun to remember who he was before becoming a cyborg.'
PRESS: 'The movie-accurate ED-209 Collectible is highly-detailed. It features a new sculpted body, improved articulations on arms, legs, and claws to better simulate ED-209’s movement in RoboCop, interchangeable battle damaged arm and the ability to speak memorable quotes from the movie.'


BungeeGumX said…
I'll buy that for a dollar, wait I meant $300-400.

Anyway I'm still buying it, one of the best cult classic. Good job Hot toys!