Voting for Max Toy Co's KAIJU GALS Now Closed (Updated Announcement)

UPDATED 31.10.2013:
"Voting" has now closed! Thank you for your "Likes" and support!

The Winner will be announced this Sunday at Design Fiesta by Max Toy Co, and subsequently online via the TOYSREVIL-blog


"Kaiju Gals" is a kaiju design contest by Max Toy Co - showcasing the submitted kaiju-designs (all manner of cute-or-creepy) from 7 x Magnificent Woman Artists. The artist with the most votes will have their design turned into a soft vinyl figure to debut April 2014 in Japan!

You are able to both VOTE for your favorites on this dedicated Facebook album, as well as leaving a comment in this particular blog-post (One vote per person please. Multiple votes by the same person will be considered VOID).

Voting ENDS by the October 31st @ 12noon. Votes from both Facebook and this blog will be tallied, to see who has the most votes! The "power" is now in YOUR clicks, folks! Voting Begins NOW!

(FYI: The comments are moderated in this blog, so your comments may not appear immediately, so chillax ;p)

Revealed here today are the designs from TERESA / TULIP / MIROC / HIKARI-BAMBI / KAHORI HINATA / NAOKO SHINPO / NAMIKO SONOBE - along with their Artist Bio. Click on each image icon to be brought to their individual Facebook-pages to vote for them!

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Naoko Shinpo is an artist who designs characters and produces animal ears. Naoko started her career in Tokyo but has recently moved to Osaka.

She works as an office worker and also manages an alternative space called FIGYA located in Konohana, Osaka. Naoko gets lost easily and wants to play the tambourine often.

( /

Nemuke-Hikari-Bambi Teddy-Hikari-Bambi

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Hikari Bambi is a freelance illustrator who lives in the Saitama prefecture in Japan. Hikari designs characters and apps. Presently Hikari likes to do embroidery and tries to put her best to produce works that are cute and have heart.


satiyun-namy peko-namy

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Namiko Sonobe is an illustrator who feels love with retro, fantasy, sexy and cute worlds.


Kinora-Kahori-Hinata marydon-Kahori-Hinata

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Kahori Hinata is born and raised in Saitama prefecture in Japan. Kahori started her career after she won the best Mon-chi-chi dress design contest. Currently she is focusing on producing artwork that has a good, old and warm-hearted feelings.


kaiju-1-Sachiko-Yabe kaiju-2-Sachiko-Yabe

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Sachiko Yabe is a character designer who lives in Tokyo. Sachiko draws cute and pop original characters under her the brand name ‘Tulip’. Currently she draws for various events, picture books, color books and portraits.


kodachi369_02 kodachi369_03

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Miroc Kodachi was born in the summer in Tokyo. Miroc is a Leo as the sign of the ZODIAC.

As a Japan based artist, Miroc is active not only in Japan but also abroad. Her specialty is a style called “JAPONISM,” which shows her own world view and reminds viewers of the modern Showa era of Japan.

Currently, Miroc is active in illustrating a novel, drawing characters for games, designing applications and more.


teresa_kibunadon teresa_akabegon

ABOVE DESIGNS BY: Born in Kanagawa, Japan and undertaking High School and College in Sydney, Australia, Teresa Chiba is a tireless artist who has been working under the studio name of Production_Genmu based in Tokyo, Japan.

She has released her artworks in numerous mediums such as YUKATA (kimono for summer), fashion accessories, graphic designs, packaging designs, art direction and live performance.

Many of Teresa's artworks have been inspired in the motif of KABUKI (Classical Japanese dance-drama). She calls herself a KABUKI-OTOME-ESHI (Kabuki girls illustrator) who express the romance of a girl's inner strength, weakness and determination.


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