The Toy Chronicle Announces CUSTOMANIA Show for #ToyConUK 2017

Are You Ready To Rumble? The Toy Chronicle has just announced their main event for the coming ToyConUK (April 29-30, 2017): “CUSTOMANIA”!
"WHAT-IS: A heavyweight custom toy show bringing a whole host of awesome artists together. CUSTOMANIA takes on a wrestling theme, with artists looking to create a good guy (babyface in wrestling terms) and/or a bad guy (heel). The artists involved have really gone full steam with this theme and some of the pieces we’ve seen are amazing. " (Flyer artwork created by Bad Leprechaun)

Artists involved include; Forces of Dorkness, ibreaktoys, Rudy Ramirez, Czee Toys, Tasha Zimich, Uncle Studio, Eyehart Toys, Jeremy Dale, Angry Hedgehog, Inprimewetrust, The Bots, RYCA, Infected Resin Toy, Jaykblu, JFury, Playful Gorilla, Taylored Curiosities, Cult Mini Figures, Gino Cruz, Blue Frog World, Molly Bolder, Ian Hancox, David Stevenson, Uncle Absinthe, Redd Prime, Wetworks, Geistwulf, Sergio Mancini, Zard Apuya, Chaingun, RXSE7EN, Josh Mayhem, Watch Parts Motorcycle, Naptime Noah, Zipper Rabbit, Darren Clegg, Tomodachi Island, Graphix Chick, Flat Bonnie, Run DMB, Fantastisch, Mr Mars Studios, Emilio Subira, Fluke Graf, Robotic Industries, Mjolnir Studio, Kerry Dyer, Cat Atomic & Bad Leprechaun.

Check out hashtag #customania on Instagram for WIPs.

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(Cheers for the headsup, Gary)