Introducing ASTROCHIMP by Kendy Tan (To Be Previewed at Popcon Asia / Sept 22-23)

Introducing "Coco" The ASTROCHIMP! Designed by Kendy Tan (IG @kentanworks), I'd remember Kendy's first art toy being the resin "Boron", and seeing his upcoming first sofubi/vinyl character figure is such a personal thrill!

Images featured here today feature a 3D-printed prototype, of whom will be previewed at this weekend's Popcon Asia 2018 (Sept 22-23) at the Kurobokan Booth, with a planned release for this 9.5cm tall cutie targeted for Taipei Toy Festival 2018 (October 18-21).

TOY STORY: "Before humans went into space, several other animals were first launched into outer space - including numerous primates - so that scientists could investigate the biological effects of space travel.

Coco is the youngest offspring from Ham and Minnie (the First Chimpanzees in Space), and he had mission to find a habitable planet ... but his spaceship had gotten hit by a huge meteoroid, and he has lost his signal connection to Earth!

In his adventure to get back to home, Coco met a lot of new friends from other planets ... Coco is smart, energetic, helpful and likes to meet new friends!"
Will YOU be his friend? :)