TOYSREVIL @ Illustration Arts Fest 2018 (on Sept 22nd)

I'd visited the annual Illustration Arts Fest on their first day on Saturday September 22nd, pretty late in the day actually, and pretty much enjoyed my leisurely browse - truthfully as I was not specifically out to "cover the event" as the blog, but giving myself a chance to breathe a little and engage the people and art, to which the result had been a very satisfying after-taste (if you will), was compared to needing to provide "content" for the blog, which frankly I still have! As presented in the following Instagram slideshows! Habits die hard... but I'm trying... and yes, I meant "covering events" :p

SWIPE thru the following embedded IG_slideshows to view MORE images, which includes my haul! And stay tuned for a closer look at select goodies found at IAF2018!

You are also encouraged to check out my hashtag “#toysreviliaf2018” to view all my coverage of the day directly on my Instagram (Considering giving it a follow if you have not already? Thanks!).

AND, do click thru to the artists linked in my IG-captions, in case you see something you like, and check in directly with the source for availability :)

The last day of the event is Sunday September 23rd, with FREE ENTRY from 11am to 6pm at LaSalle (McNally Campus) ... or you’ll have to wait another whole full year before #illustrationartsfest2019!

I am encouraged to see more “toys” at the event this year too - something “familiar” to me, tbh ... but at the same time, I am intrigued, fascinated and in silent awe of the art and illustration being showcased .... aaahhhh if only I could financially sate my desires here hahahahaha but I am inspired to see where this all leads to too ... So do enjoy yourselves and bathe in the spirit of independent art outside of gallery walls, but embedded into the subconscious-ness of delight and wonder, IMHO!