"2018 Taipei Toy Festival" Online Field Reports by TOYSREVIL

And while I was NOT physically in attendance at this year's Taipei Toy Festival 2018 (October 18-21), I'd attempted to do a semblance of a "online field report" of the annual event (Which celebrated it's 15th year anniversary this edition!) based off of my social media feeds - which truthfully is not as vast as one would expect (*My bad, as there's only so much visual onslaught I can take any given day, admittedly so) - the result of which were these specific (tagged) post-features, where originators of the items were either linked direct to their Instagrams, or IG-images embedded, for which you can click on and check out for any further post-event availability info of said items (One of the primary reasons why I embed said IG-images in the first place).

Yes, I am reposting all of these, in case you missed them over the weekend, or want a sole single place to check out what you might have missed :)

I tried to share as much toy-love as I could find, no doubt I am missing TONS more toy-goodness out there, alas ... maybe next year? What I can blog about, depends on what YOU close to post too, and if I know about your posts, IMHO.

In this age of cyber-connectivity, amidst a virtual online-sea of products and practitioners, a headsup, a tag, a mention, means more than you might think, IMHO.

Nevertheless, it's the start of a brand new week (at least here in Singapore), and I am utterly exhausted! And all I did was sat in my chair, in front of a desktop, instead of being on the floor, and vending or even standing in queues as everyone else at TTF did! So kudos for your collective efforts, and for bringing US a little slice of your experience!

Cheers and hoped y'all had a great TTF, and that you enjoyed my features :)

P/S: Now what I want to see, are your TOY-SCORES from TTF!!!
Can I live my toylife vicariously through you, please? :)