TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS on TOYSREVIL for the past week (List Dated Dec 11, 2018)

This past week's TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS on TOYSREVIL had been dominated by "entertainment" news - with a firm focus on pop culture genre movies I feature on this blog (#EntertainMe), along of course with my core focus: TOYS!

Listed here are blogposts as chosen by YOU, my dear readers, thanks to Blogger Stats :)

And while I could delve deeper into the "reasoning" behind said reading preference, I also speculate that perhaps the year is coming to a close, with not that many events to be had (except for this coming weekend's Toy Soul 2018, which I might not actively pursue...), folks' attention are drawn to "entertainment", as the year ends on a festive note - not to mention after Christmas gifting, til the new year of toys in 2019? I know I certainly might be gifting myself in the coming days LOL

#1: "AirForce 1" Plamodel Kit from Coolrain x NIKE is getting a whole lot of attention, except that this kit is currently Not For Sale, but instead used for promotional purposes - in this case in South Korea - for a design contest, of which the Top 36 designs are featured above, to coincide with the 36th Anniversary of "Air Force 1"!

#2: Run The Jewels x Nickelodeon' RTJ KRANG just dropped online, featuring design by TrapTops x production by Unbox Industries! How much you want to bet there are tons of folks here for rap duo Run The Jewels?

#3: The trailer for THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY on Netflix has just dropped, and I for one, am personally jazzed! Where the toys at??? MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

#4: Ghost In The Shell, Saint Seiya & Baki: New Anime Announced on Netflix (for 2018 to 2020), including the above featured Stand Along Complex / "SAC_2045"!

#5: AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer & Poster, and quite possibly the most anticipated event genre movies here on TOYSREVIL...

#6: QUICCS remains a strong contender in toynews on this blog, and quite possibly toy-culture-at-large, with this announcement post for "Toy Art Philippines 2018" showcasing his custom-painted "Manila Killa TEQ63" Dunny set!

#7: Now THIS certainly is a first on the Top Ten list: Last Week's Top Ten Blogposts List (Dated December 4th)!? Nice to know there are people keen to read these blogposts I cook up, thanks!

#8: Coming in on age tail-end of this list, is "TOYSREVIL Postcard Print from 2010" where I reminisce about my toy-past, AND list out toys I'd used for the photoshoot to make one of my very first postcard prints!

#9: Marvel Studios' CAPTAIN MARVEL: Trailer #2 & New Poster guns for female-led/protagonist genre superhero film, to join the ranks of "Wonder Woman" FTW!

#10: To-Fu OYAKO Christmas Tomorrowland at Bugis Junction sees some "local" toy-action getting into the Top Ten this week, festively so, with folks counting down to Christmas, I see! Time soon to break out seasonal-gifting toynews, folks! Actually, a little "late" for international shipping, innit?

Cheers and have a fab new week ahead, folks!

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