Bjorn Lim's #TopTenToysof2018

Of all the invited and submitted "Top Ten Toys" for my annual features, there is a specific list of folks whose collections I am envious of and will snatch away and make my own if I had the chance, as well parallel most of my own toy-choices (not that I could afford most, but ....), and one of them is Bjorn Lim's - whom I've only met that one time in person (outside CSC) - and THIS is his #TopTenToysof2018! And as well you can connect via his Insta @kopiwriter for mondo MORE toy-images!

#10: Mini Wooper Looper : Autumn by Gary Ham and Pobber

Gary Ham had released quite a few Wooper Loopers over the years, but the toy stars didn't align, and I missed all of them - even this adorable Wooper Looper Mini. Thankfully, a fellow collector was willing to sell it, and it triggered my "BUY" button immediately.

#9: Waterfall Big Uamou by Studio Uamou

There's always something zen about waterfalls, and I just love how it's being painted on this big uamou.

#8: Queen Alice by Delos Nim

Delos' take on Alice is simply beautiful, and I just couldn't resist adding another one (this one even comes with a crown!) to my collection.

#7: Furue Interloper Master 5 by ThreeA

I thought I had rehabilitated myself to be threeA-free successfully. But just when I think I got out, they pulled me back with this Tomorrow King. Damn it!

#6: Star Jar - Death Vader by Pickled Circus

Pickled Circus' awesome line of jar heads continues with the Force. How can I say no to this Sith Lord in a jar that would make Kylo Ren scream with delight like a little school girl?

#5: Devilman by Mike Sutfin and Unbox Industries

Produced by Unbox Industries, this dope monster deserves to be on every toy lovers' collection.

#4: Hellboy by Fariboles Production

One word: Hellboy.

#3: Miss Mysterious 悪化 by Secret Base

I never had any luck with the ladies, and I missed this beauty too as I was too preoccupied with Rebel Inks. Fortunately, patience does pay off and I found it for re-sale. One collector's loss is always another collector's gain!

#2: Bubblegut by Chris Ryniak

Bubbleguts are notoriously difficult to score, and I have accepted that some things are just not meant to be. But once in a blue moon, lady luck smiles on me and voila! Bubblegut is mine!

#1: MIMI The Cannibal Girl (Candy Pink) by Tomenosuke and Utomaru

Even since Tomenosuke released the first few photos of MIMI The Cannibal Girl in 2017, I have been hooked. While I had already scored the crazy purple edition at STGCC 2018, this 3DRetro exclusive GID candy pink edition is a must-have! Anyway, two is always better than one, right?

[ Above authored by Bjorn Lim ]