THE THING Resin Minifigure Series by Pickmans Vinyls for Jan 18 Release

PRESS: "In 2019 Pickman’s Vinyls launches a new monthly minifigure series based on John Carpenter’s The Thing, with a style influenced by Monsters in my Pocket, Trash Bag Bunch, MUSCLE, and other classic monster minifigures from the 80’s and 90’s.

Each month will see the release of one new, limited edition minifigure, cast in a solid colored resin. Each release will come bagged with a header tag and include a blood test point. Collect three blood test points and mail them in to receive an exclusive “Thing Revealed!” Kit including a sticker, trading card and an all new minifigure (details to follow soon)."

Designs and Character Art by Mike Alvarez: @zaracis
Header Art by Ruth Mendez: @themendezruth
Sculpt, Cast and Production by Pickman @pickmansvinyls

PRESS: "Each minifigure will have a limited number of preorders available before the official release, which will include a bonus minifigure or accessory.

The first quarter lineup is as follows;

January- The Spiderhead
February- Flamethrower Macready
March- Dog-Thing

Preorders for the Spiderhead minifigure go live on Friday, January 11th at 8pm CST at With a full release following one week later on January 18th at 8pm CST."