TOUMA for "Byebye2018 Hello2019"

WHAT-IS: "ByeBye2018 Hello2019" is a serial feature where select artists share with us their past year in 2018, and what to expect from them in 2019!"

TOYSREVIL: How was 2018 for you? Share with us your most triumphant moment(s) in 2018. What did you find the most disappointing of 2018?

TOUMA: I feel that 2018 was a very meaningful year for me. In 2018, my eldest daughter and eldest son refrained from taking the exam, and I had to stabilize my income. I got a job making games at a "teaching" company (that designed Sonic the Hedgehog) for the first time in 14 years. And I was able to learn 3D software at the company.

I bought a 3D printer and started making my own work. The number of 3D printers has increased to two in the year 2018. I think that I got a weapon that will be very positive in expressing my work in the future.

TOUMA: What I was disappointed in 2018 was that in making a game (at my new job), I did not have much time to work for my own company (Touma Inc). When my economy gets better and my work can sell like old days, I can put more power into activities without (the need for) making a game, but I cannot do it now, and I am sorry for that.

TOUMA: I was able to do a solo exhibition (with the help of my most respected junior writer) again at the venue where I had a solo exhibition for the first time ten years ago, in Paradise, Taipei!

And with BANDAI (the biggest toy company in Japan), my original character "HITCH BEAR" was released as a capsule toy. This is truly wonderful.

TOYSREVIL: What is your most favorite toy, or piece of art you've seen in 2018?

TOUMA: I was able to join DesignerCon in the USA for the first time in two years. DCON is a really wonderful, and is my favorite event. Of course when I go to America, I would visit toy stores! But unfortunately Toys'R'Us was closed.

But I did go to Target and the Disney store, where I bought a large number of figures: Disney Infinity inspired "Star Wars" character figures (released in 2017), which was exclusive to TOYBOX, and I purchased about 20 kinds excitedly in the US and returned to Japan. The design sense is great!

Then there are also SHFiguarts made by BANDAI, and Masterpieces made by HOTTOYS - I think that these are already an "art".

TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2019? Any plans for your work, for the new year you can share with us?

TOUMA: Although I can not announce it yet, I think that I can announce a new project with BANDAI around the spring of 2019.

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