February 16/2018 Edition #toynews #TodayonTOYSREVIL

As the annual New York Toy Fair rages on in NYC, here in Singapore on TOYSREVIL we have another round of toy news to share! Don't worry, I'll get to the NYTF2019 newsery soon enough ... and "no", it's a trade show, so there'll be no public allowed in... maybe? :p

Nouar’s "Mister Self indulgence" Chocolate Mint since released on MartianToys.com. Limited to 150pcs and priced at US$150.00. Includes 9 inch vinyl "Mister Self Indulgence" (this is the 6th Flavor) along with his little buddy, the 4-inches tall “Lil’ Scoopy”.

"DAZIMOMO" from Dahood x Kasing Lung begins pre-order online here from 16/2 until 24/2, with the following hoops you need to jump thru instructions:

1) register to become a member of the website.
2) members can then enter a raffle for a chance to secure one ‘DaZimomo’.
3) complete the entire checkout process and you will be entered in the draw.

"Winners will be contacted on 27/2 and the item will be available for pick up on 1/3: all details will be provided in your winner’s email."

BURGER ELFIE SILVER New Year Edition from TOO Natthapong Rattanachoksirikul x Unbox Industries to be released online via here on Saturday Feb 16th (HKTL 23:00PM) for US$40.00 per 3" tall soft vinyl, in a very special Metallic Silver finish.

FREDDY PIGGY from Thailand-based Million Dollar Toy is limited to only 10 pieces - 5 of which on Facebook (*Since SOLD OUT), and 5pcs online here, with this 11.5 cm / 4.5 inch tall soft vinyl figure priced at US$80 (+US$8 for shipping worldwide).

Since the orange/green colorway of ThrilledTGU's MAJOR TOM soft vinyl made its debut at Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter], it has since been made available online to order here, priced at US$35 (+US$10 for shipping to Asia), with this 8cm tall piece limited to only 30pcs. Produced by ToyZeroPlus.

Also making it's debut at Wonder Festival, Momoco Studio's SHARK PAPA BLACKSMITH Edition will be unleashed for online orders on February 17th, 2019 (starting 10:00am Taiwan time) - available via Lottery via Application on Facebook. Priced at US$197(Shipping fee and PayPal fee are included for International customers), the figure includes the figure, an apron and a hammer.

Sleepwalker Offspring (Nimbus) - Bastard Edition from FLABSLAB x Kurobokan releases Feb 17th here (11pm SG time) featuring this 4" tall vinyl figure painted in gold on black, and limited to 50pcs. US$65.00 per.

Indonesia toymaker Riandi Sumadinata prepares to unleash a brand new EDMINION THE MARTIAN in a new PINK colorway (Edition quantity to be confirmed). For your reference; previous releases of this 5" resin figure were around US$65 (excluding shipping). Stay updated via his Insta @sumadinata for availability!

Currently available to purchase from Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura are Bat Centaur and Board (stands approx. 5 inches / Limited edition 15) and Fawn Bust (stands approx. 5.25 inches / Limited edition 10) - both of whom are priced at US$90 per order.