About HELLBOY by Eric So for Dark Horse Comics

With my recent posts for "Hellboy Day 2019", one of the more glaring MIbA ("Missing In Blog-Action") is Eric So's vinyl toy incarnation of Hellboy - which I have never really posted about on this blog - and for which I am attempting to rectify NOW!

The unique design interpretation of "Anung un Rama" was by Eric So from Hong Kong (www.ericsoart.com / Insta @sofuneric), and was released to the general public circa 2004, from Dark Horse Comics (who will subsequently work with Eric again with his version of Marv from "Sin City"), and made by How2Work.

The 11-inch tall character collectible came along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, alongside "Hellboy"-creator Mike Mignola's signature! Quantity was stated to be "999" pieces, and with similar numbers both indicated on the CoA, and etched out in a number plate situated at base of the figure's feet.

Gordon (@yardarm51) shared with us snaps of his "production piece" (Pics via Flickr), which featured a serial number (#481 out of 999), which corresponded with the etched number at the figure's feet, and a postcard/print that came along with his purchase from Blister Direct (Japan). Subsequent images of the signed CoA featured the words "AP" in lieu of numbers, which are from undocumented quantity of "Artist Proofs", that were made available to Dark Horse employees and the artists involved.

As of this post, most of the images shown here are from Ebay listings, of said AP pieces, with prices ranging between US$450 to US$1K+. I never did find a tangible "Suggested Retail Price" for the figure when it was first made available, so anyone with info to please check in the comments section, thanks!

Both the APs and production line figures came boxed in a deep-red coloured (textured) box, with the letters/words "HELLBOY" printed at the edge, and inside it, the figure & accessories are held in a clam shell clear plastic tray.

This interpretation of Hellboy sees him bulk-up on the belly-side, flanked by bean-pole thin limbs, clad in a moulded plastic coat, wearing a suped-up belt even Batman might be envious of! The very sparse chest hair (all six of them) are somewhat endearing, as are the pastel pink "nipples" at the tip of the man-breasts. I have not seen any toy-figure of Hellboy exhibiting that much soft-glam ever since too!

And while I've not seen any images (thus far) of the gun removed from its holster, but neither are there (in interchange) "gripped-hands" to be seen, so perhaps the gun remains in the holster ... ut for that sole image of the holster opened, as seen in the image posted TOP of this post, erect from Eric So's www too! :p

Admittedly, the figure's aesthetic style was first unfamiliar to me, upon first look (even though I had been "fan" of Mr So's art, I'd like to think, starting only from his "Sprite" figures..), with the closest style being his "Estate" character creations...?

This figure had been a toy-grail of mine for years actually, before the allure faded with the passing of time and being distracted by other colourful pieces of plastic and vinyl (heh), which until now I have not managed to even see this figure in person! You know what they say, "out of sight... but not necessarily out of toy-desire..." Heh.

And while we are familiar with the "Hellboy", did you know there might have been a "Abe Sapien" too? Spotted on Eris's Insta, with eyes and toy-hopes flickered for a moment ... "25th Anniversary Reissue", anyone? Please?

(Info via rotocasted.com / All posted images via @chocobat / @scobiwan5 / @shibakiba)