Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week #onTOYSREVIL (Dated: March 25, 2019)

Another week, another TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL FOR THE PAST WEEK, with this being the Monday March 25th Edition (normally I'd do either a Monday or Tuesday recap for the past week), with the listing generated by YOUR READING CHOICES, courtesy of Blogger Statistics! Have you missed out on any of these toynews for the past week? Have a read and click, along with some NEW images embedded!

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#10: KAWS:HOLIDAY in Hong Kong launched March 22nd, and will be floating in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong thru March 31st, 2019. Have you copped any of the merch yet? Including the plush?

#9: Mini Yeti The Kong & Mini Ghost Beast by @melowang_bbt are custom=painted on KONG and Beast finger puppets from MISHKA x Lamour Supreme, and will be launch tonight March 25th online via Blackbook Toy.

#8: In a continuing series of custom collaborations, RiCO × Han Ning's Custom Space Dog hits the Top Ten the past week, and will be seen on display & made available at the coming Shanghai Toy Show 2019 (via Booth #B35).

"The resale industry has inspired me to try find a way of forcing feelings of ownership and attachment to my pieces. So that’s what 2019 is about for me. “This is yours now” Also refining my shipping process. If you’ve bought one of my pieces so far you know what I’m taking about. The new v2 models are broken down into parts which has fixed the customs issues. Up till now shoeuzis have had to ship out in small batches every day - now all orders can be shipped at once... lol. These are the 4 models coming next month. Also you’ll notice there’s no more logos, if that bothers you - get a sharpie" (@shoeuzi)
#7: A trio of editions for Jack London's Shoeuzi Project are currently available online here.

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Today was a surreal day. Today we launched my Officially Licensed @marvel Designer Toys Produced by @unrulyind and sculpted by @manastudios This has been a project a year and half in the making. But even before randomly meeting the CEO of @sideshowcollectibles two @designercon ago I feel like this project started when I was a kid. A shy, awkward kid from Pomona, collecting and reading comic books. Going to the library to read old used back issues (I grew up reading SILVER AGE Comics before reading current comics) Staying in my room drawing all my favorite super heroes and using my imagination to create new ones. Dreaming of being able to work for one of the big Comic Book companies as a comic book artist. My career never went the route of Comic Book Artist, but I have been very fortunate to still make a living as an Illustrator and Toy Designer. I have worked on and created some amazing projects in the past. Many that I am SUPER proud of and consider major career milestones. But today...TODAY is the fulfillment of a MAJOR NERD DREAM that I can’t believe is happening. Not only do I get to work with a TOTALLY RAD COLLECTIBLE COMPANY and be part of their NEW Brand. But I get to use MY ART... MY ART STYLE... To design toys of some of my Favorite MARVEL characters in a style that I have always envisioned for them. “IS THIS REAL LIFE?!” This whole project has been BANANAS! And I am truly THANKFUL for this opportunity! HUGE THANK YOU’s to @greg_anzalone , Anna, @lifesize_erik , @likely_keevon & everyone on the Unruly/ SIDESHOW team and MARVEL for giving me this opportunity. Jay and the WHOLE MANA STUDIOS team for always interpreting my crazy art style in 3D RADNESS! And my beautiful and supportive Wife and loving Triplet Boys for all the support and inspiration. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!! More cool stuff to come from this partnership. I can’t wait for you all to see! As always, thanks for the SUPPORT! To sort of quote Miles Morales (but not claim Brooklyn since I didn’t grow up there)...“POMOOOONNNNAAA!” 😂 👍🏽🔥👍🏽🔥

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#6: A trio of licensed Marvel characters from Tracy Tubera x Unruly Industries as vinyl toys are currently opened for pre-orders on! Which is utterly awesome seeing Tracy's unique designs gone "legit", IMHO! Now he needs to do a line for DC Comics characters!

#5: Gruesome Toys' Strawberry Sundae Seatus has since launched for pre-orders on ... and is somewhat "interesting" for me, as "traditionally" toynews of this particular genre does not excel that well on this blog = NICE!

#4: #toynews #TodayonTOYSREVIL: March 19, 2019 ... just when I am considering phasing out of these all-in-one-toynews posts, TWO editions are in my "Top Ten" for the past week ... I really need to figure this out, if THIS is what folks want to read, or otherwise ...???

#3: Top Ten HELLBOY Toys on TOYSREVIL is a brand new addition to this list, since posted yesterday for "Hellboy Day 2019". More likely it is getting traction during the weekend ... I've always enjoyed making "Top Tens", so this is gratifying to see enter this week's "Top Ten" LOL

BTW: The comments in my IG is really getting me re-interested in Eric So's Hellboy vinyl ggrrrr... LOL

#2: #toynews #TodayonTOYSREVIL: March 21st, 2019 -So my question to you, my dear readers is this: Do you prefer my #TodayonTOYSREVIL Collection of toynews? Or would you prefer individual blogposts instead?

#1: Number yet again this week, is this Hellboy 1/12 In-Hand Play Demo Videos from 1000Toys- which truly makes me regret not being able to pick-up a piece for myself (*NOT that I could afford to n any circumstance lah, but...).