Top Ten Blogposts For The Past Week #onTOYSREVIL (Dated April 22)

We have a decent mix of Collectible Toys & Entertainment news for Top Ten Blogposts for the Past Week on TOYSREVIL, with this listed dated Monday April 22nd, 3019 - based on YOUR reading choses (courtesy of blog stats). Scroll thru and click thru to read blogposts linked in full, if (A) You've missed thenm the first time around, and (B) You want to re-read what goodness to collect and watch!

#10: Witter Black Version of MechNoiz Toys's SUPERMECHA PANZER retro-esque beast of a toy (I dearly WANT) had been offered up for Lottery Sales, and since SOLD OUT! Still want the toy though...

#9: The Release Party at 3D Retro for @persue1's GID Dark Psychodelic BunnyKitty happened, and the internets have a wall mural to gawk at (above), and the toy itself available to buy here now for US$49.99.

#8: As cliched as it is to say now "In space, no one can hear you scream!", you will not be blamed/chided one iota for squealing at these upcoming ReAction Toys from Super7 for ALIEN DAY 2019 ... Juz satin'...!

#7: What I have not mentioned before (I think, I ever double-checked myself :p), is that I am looking forward to seeing how the filmmakers depict THAT scene when "Starlight/Annie January" first meets "The Homelander" at the 7-HQ (where she had been recruited to join), and what had been asked of her to do ... now THAT is one of the markers I am looking for, for "authenticity" of the adaptation for THE BOYS, IMHO ... meanwhile, check out this NSFW / Uncensored "Spank" teaser trailer!

#6: If I only had only had a "casual-curiosity" about the upcoming RILAKKUMA and KAORU stop-motion series on Netflix, I now definitely have a heightened curiosity to find out about Rilakkuma's "Butt-Mushrooms"! LOL

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"TINY FORTUNE" Cashapon by #MilkCompanyToy Now On Pre-order1 More details #onTOYSREVIL: ... or direct from @milkcotoy And if you have not noticed by now, or at least seen the amount of (blind box) mini figure lines/series being showcased, teased and released, that we are now in the Age Of Artist BBs ("blind boxes") - and featuring independent original artists' creations, no less, and in a multitude of sculpted forms, rather than the platform singular collectibles.... and it is great for folks who want to start out, but without the "fear" of breaking the bank (which is an "eventuality", but let's not get too "cynical" yet ... :p), and admittedly GLORIOUS for economically challenged collectors (like myself) who NEED their toy-fixes! LOL

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#5: "TINY FORTUNE" Cashapon by Milk Company Toy now on pre-order, and I have a few impressions of the current "mini figures blind box"-trend...

#4: Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen x Munky King for May 4th AKA "Star Ward Day" pre-order.

#3: SPACE GIRL OBOT for Pre-orders & Full OBOT Line-Up since revealed for a Thailand Toy Expo debut!

#2: Plenty of awesome toys revealed for "CODE RED" - Quiccs' solo show @ myplasticheart (I will attempt to continue updating that post when I can...)

#1: I'm not gonna lie, I ADORE the bunny's chubby cheeks and WANT this collectible bad (not that I could afford it, but) = EASTERN EGG by PAYNK x Mighty Jaxx, since listed online here for pre-orders!