A Recap of 1/6 #GameofThrones Character Releases from Threezero


Before the finale (S8E6) this Sunday May 19/2019 of GAME OF THRONES on HBO, I'd though to do a recap / take a lookback at past dedicated GOT 1/6-figure releases from Hong Kong toy-makers Threezero, for whom I have been diligently featured on TOYSREVIL since it was first announced in December 2013! And while I do not own a single figure in this series, all I will and can do is feature their releases chronologically :)

This first ever GAME OF THRONES in 1/6th release from Threezero, saw TYRION LANNISTER unleashed in May 2014, showcasing the likeness of a clean shaven Peter Dinklage, and the start of "online shop exclusives" - in this case "belt with dagger (removable) in the holster", making a difference between ordering direct from Threezero online, and general public retailer that will eventually offer up the same collectible figure. TYRION first greeted the toyworld at Wonder Festival 2014 (above left insert image).

The "Threezero Store Exclusives" AKA "Deluxe Editions" did not apply to ALL releases through the years, though.

Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, and head of House Stark, EDDARD STARK was unleashed in September 2014, with the Threezero exclusive release include his Stark cloak, additional hands, belt with sheathes, and his sword and dirk weapons... I wonder of anyone posed this figure with his head lobbed off...? Just sayin'!

The first edition of JON SNOW in 1/6th was ]offered up in 2015, featuring the actor Kit Harrington's likeness clad in his Night Watch garb, with an option of a "Threezerostore Exclusive deluxe 2-Pack set" consisting of Jon Snow and resin statue of his albino direwolf "Ghost" ... which the toymakers even chose to UPSIZE to portray a more accurate proportion! Too bad Jon Snow disregarded his direwolf in Season Eight Episode Four ...

JAIME LANNISTER IN 1/6 was released for online pre-orders in November 2015, CLAD IN Kingsguard Armour, with no options of "deluxe" or online exclusives add-ons for "The Kingslayer".

SANDOR CLEGANE "THE HOUND" was first teased in July 2016, with the eventual pre-order release online offered up a "Threezero Store Deluxe Pack" - featuring The Hound’s signature Helmet head accessory. With rooted hair, and likeness to actor Rory McCann's facial burns on the TV show, this figure made a swell pair-up with the subsequent "Arya Stark" release, IMHO. YARP.

The first (and currently only) DAENERYS TARGARYEN figure went on online pre-orders in December 2016, with a "Threezero Store Exclusive version" featuring additional baby versions of her dragons; "Rhaegal", "Viserion" and "Drogon"! And I thought they were adult-sized Dragons too! LOL

ARYA STARK was first teased in January 2018, with this 1/6th-scaled figure standing at an approx. 10" tall (compared to the "standard" 12-inch tall "adult" figures. Seen here with a face sculpt of actress Maisie Williams, clad in her guise from Season 4, specifically styled in her "Water Dance" sequence, the figure came with rooted hair, and her accessory "Needle" the sword.

No "Deluxe Versions" for this release, but Threezero did offer up a 1:1-scaled "Game Of Thrones" t-shirt.

When Threezero first teased a WHITE WALKER release, I'd wondered "Why Not Do The Night King instead? A March 2018 online pre-order (Featured on TOYSREVIL) came an option of a Delux Version including an addition faux-leather skirt & bare feet accessories.

Queen CERSEI LANNISTER in 1/6 (Teased in May 2018) feature the head-sculpted likeness of actress Lena Headey, with her majestic regalia from Season 7 of the TV series.

"HAND OF THE QUEEN" TYRION LANNISTER was launched for online pre-orders in August 2018 (Featured on TOYSREVIL), with an additional option of a Deluxe Version that included nine additional "1/6 scale map markers". This is the second TYRION 1/6 figure released by Threezero, and features his tunic as "Hand pf the Queen", seen in Season 7 & 8.

While BRIENNE OF TARTH has since been knighted "Sir Brienne, Knight of The Seven Kingdoms" (in Episode 3, by Jaime Lannister), she was made 1/6th (Teased on TOYSREVIL, circa September 2018). The Deluxe Edition option came with an additional "Cloak" accessory, while her “Oathkeeper” sword remains the main accessory.

DROGON was launched for online pre-orders Dec 21/2019 (Daenerys Targaryen collectible figure is sold separately). The size of this Polyresin-made figure (with platform) is W450 x H875 x D583 mm, and you can see more of these display images (at Shanghai Toy Show 2018) HERE on TOYSREVIL. Studio images viewable HERE on Facebook.

The Deluxe Edition of JOFFREY BARATHEON comes with the sword "Widow's Wail," half of the two swords reforged from the melted down blade of Ned Stark's greatsword "Ice." Teased April 24, 2019, with more images on Facebook.

The most recent release (Online pre-orders launched May 17/2019), is the second version of JON SNOW, seen here in his IKEA fur-cloaked regalia from Season 7-8, with no deluxe editions to be had. I'm sure with its body articulations, the figure could actually achieve a "bend the knee"-pose, innit? (Heh).

Which other character would YOU want to see be released from Threezero? Brand new unreleased characters? Renewed releases? Share your wants and thoughts in the comments section!

I am personally hoping to see a S8 version of "Arya Stark" (in her "Night King"-killer look), S7 version of "Daenerys Targaryen" ... not too keen with "Sansa Stark", but we do need another female figure in the series ... and TORMUND! He could keep Ghost by his side, innit?