Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week on TOYSREVIL (May 27/2019 Edition)

Welcome to my weekly lookback/recap post featuring the Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week on this humble blog (*Mostly Monday mornings, Singapore time), with listings based on YOUR reading choices (as recorded/stated in my blogstats) - to both remind you of the awesomeness you have read, or perhaps a little cyber-pointer to what you might have missed reading on TOYSREVIL.

Thank you for your collective reading considerations! Counting down to the #1 spot this week....

#10: Strangecat Toys' Exclusives for Five Points Festival 2019 - which includes the exceedingly fun "ASTRO CRASH" by Josh Divine, with this being the vinyl manifestation of the resin collectible he released last year via Strangecat at Five Points!

#9: Select Previews for The Sucklord @ Woot Bear (May 25th). Head to Insta @wootbearbelly for more previews of the gallery show!

#8: Announcement of MOMO PLANET (Space Edition) = a new blind box series from Rock Bear Family X Sticky Monster Lab.

#7: Select custom toy previews for DTA DUNNY Show 2019 @ Five Points Festival, on show and sale from June 1-2/2019.

#6: Preview & List of Vendors for KAIJU-CON @ Japanese American National Museum tin the USA, on June 15th (one day only).

#5: #TOYNEWS #TodayonTOYSREVIL: May 24/2019 Edition (Artists/works featured listed in image caption above).

#4: #TOYNEWS #TodayonTOYSREVIL: May 22/2019 Edition (Artists/works featured listed in image caption above).

#3: #TOYNEWS #TodayonTOYSREVIL on May 20/2019 (Artists/works featured listed in image caption above).

#2: Xenomorph x Pokémon "BULBASAUR" from Gabencui (Tooth Fairy Studio). Hit up his online TaoBao shop (all text in Mandarin/Chinese) to snag the originals, of which there've been pirated PVC versions out there now on auction sites!

#1: "GODZILLA: King of the Monsters" Q Edition Figures are making me dizzy with WANT and hardly any, if at all any available purchasing information! #OMGGGGGGG