Fat Thor Sings & Non-Licensed Collectibles


One of the "surprises" for Avengers: Endgame was the fattened-"Thor", whom after lobbing off Thanos head in the first act of the film, fell to the ways of the beer and let himself go (reminding me of my own physique, but without the help of beer ~ *rubs belly*) ... and he's back in the news-cycle again, with the above guitar-performance (just in time for Men In Black: International's premiere too), and I thought to reciprocate with a small feature on "BEER GOD" collectibles - Past and Future!

And before we begin, yes, there are all non-licensed and "appropriated homages" to THICC THOR! And no, I can neither vouch for them nor assure availability lol (*Except for Toyerist FTW!)

Thailand based JUNK​ RIGHT​ TOYS​ x KISTER had offered up their 1/6th-scale "GOD OF BEER" (second release in mid-May 2019 / Pre-orders since closed June 2/2019) with a release scheduled for 3rd quarter 2019. Priced at 4,750 baht (approx. US$152), the figure set comes as images show, including sculpted head (WIP), acrylic sunglasses and a small bottle of beer. Run is 25 sets, and yes, these are non-licensed and burp-worthy! LOL

From B-Six Studio comes this "FAT THOR" resin dioramicc set, sized 16 x 16 x 16cm, with a arrival date of Q3-4 2019, In a listed edition size of 300pcs, there has been a variety of pricing, from a variety of online sources - with initial "pre-order" price at 498RM / US$119, to "Retail" at 599RM / US$143, to SG$150, to over US$180 on Ebay (multiple listings) ... tricky, this ... you might have to seek hep from your fav retailer(s) who might be able to deal in "alternative" non-licensed products :p

Indie-resin slinger "TOYERIST" from Thailand gives his take on "Fat Thor" with a mash-up of his "Fat BeaTrooper" resin figure, re-sculpted and repainted, featuring the character wearing Stark's Nano-Gauntlet! No specific availability details mentioned at this point, so you are recommended to stake out his Instagram and online store!