KAWS:HOLIDAY Japan (July 18-24, 2019)

The giant inflatable behemoth installation known as "KAWS:HOLIDAY" next travels to JAPAN, specifically at Fumotoppara Camping Grounds, Shizuoka, Japan, exhibiting from July 18th to 24th, where a new 40-meter COMPANION will be lounging near Most Fuji!

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KAWS:HOLIDAY in MT. FUJI, Japan! Let's Go Camping with @KAWS 40-meter-long COMPANION, collaborating with @ARR.AllRightsReserved in MT. FUJI. Join the Raffle to take part in this camping adventure in the great outdoors! In partnership with @ARR.AllRightsReserved Sponsored by @herschelsupply Date: 7.18 - 7.24 (Admission for raffle winners only on 7.18) Location: Fumotoppara Camping Ground, Shizuoka, Japan 7.18 Ceremonial Camp Day - Join the Raffle to be KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN campers! For 7.18 Raffle: bit.ly/KAWSjapanEN Open Time: 6.27 9pm (EDT) / 6.28 10am (Japan Time) End Time: 6.28 9pm (EDT) / 6.29 10am (Japan Time) . . *All the registration fee of 7.18 Ceremonial Camp Day will be collected for cleaning and maintenance purpose of the site. . . KAWS:HOLIDAYが日本の富士山に登場します! @KAWS が @ARR.AllRightsReserved とタッグを組み、全長40メートルのCOMPANIONを発表します。 6月28日(金)午前10時(日本時間)より開始する抽選に応募して、7月18日(木)に開催するセレモニアル キャンプ デーに、KAWS:HOLIDAYと富士山でキャンプしましょう!bit.ly/KAWSjapanJP #KAWS #KAWSHOLIDAY #AllRightsReserved #Japan #mtfuji #HerschelSupply

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The event itself features "Camp Day", with "Ceremonial Camp Day" 7.28 (Thursday / 9:00am starts IN) to 7.19 (Friday / 10:00am OUT) - where you need to join the raffle here (Admission for raffle winners only on 7.18) ... and subsequent "Public Camp Day" from 7.19-24 (Find out more here / in Japanese text). In partnership with @ARR.AllRightsReserved, and sponsored by @herschelsupply.

... and OF COURSE there will be merch available! Items will be made available online on 7.17 9pm (EDT) / 7.18 10am (Japan Time) via;

*International orders: DING DONG 宅配便
*China orders: here

*KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN 8" Mount Fuji Plush @ HK$ 1,415.00
(Grey colour plush available for sale in Japan only)

*KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN 9.5" Vinyl Figures @ HK$ 1,565.00
(Materials: Vinyl / Dimensions: 24cm tall)

*KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Limited Kokeshi Doll Set (Set of 3) @ HK$ 5,890.00
(Hand crafted Wood / 10cm tall each / Limited quantity of 1,000)

*KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Cushion @ HK$ 945.00
(Fabric : Woven Fabric & Polyester / Dimension: 42cm(L) x 37cm(H))

*KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Mount Fuji Golden & Silver Pin @ HK$ 3,920.00.

*KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Mount Fuji Pin Set (Set of 4) @ HK$ 1,570.00.

KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Tote Bag @ HK$ 390.00
KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN T-Shirt - Embroidered Badge @ HK$ 390.00
KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN T-Shirt - Pocket @ HK$ 390.00
KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Mount Fuji Ceramic Plate Set (Set of 4) @ HK$ 1,570.00
KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN Mount Fuji Fire-King Mug Set (Set of 2) @ HK$ 1,099.00