"MISSING PIECES" - Solo Show by Mai Nagamoto Opens June 15th @ Woot Bear Gallery

Japanese artist Mai Nagamoto will be holding her first solo show in the United States, titled "MISSING PIECES", to be hosted by Woot Bear (1512 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117), launching Saturday, June 15th, 6-9pm, where the artist will bee in attendance!

The exhibition will be a showcase of her collective works including sofubis, customs, small and large paintings. Featured here are a preview of her works generously provided by !

ARTIST BIO: Her creations reflected the beauty of imperfection and emotions from throughout her life. Mai Nagamoto is a painter from Japan who uses her art of painting, toy making, and coloring since 2004. She designs and produces her own figures.

The expression of her whole feelings of pain, joy, and hate brought her to the present time. If you would let her in, she will enchant you with impressed monsters, children who always hide in her heart, timid zombies under the blue sky who want to be human, and wild cats who live powerfully.
(www.mainagamoto.info / Insta @mainagamoto

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