Toy Review: MOMO PLANET (Space Edition) Blind Box Mini Figures

Thanks to the generosity and effort of Moetch Design Center (formerly known as Rock Bear Family), I had the opportunity to unbox a full display case of MOMO PLANET blind box mini figures (WHAT are they?)! Here is a record of what I pulled, and my impressions about them! But first up, a little introduction to the series!

The display case housed a total of 8 blind boxes. The item arrived at my doorstep a tad knocked about and wonky (as seen from images). The boxes are sturdy enough within, as is packaging, so any unboxing will leave you with “damaged” boxes, but only because I am not dainty enough while handling them, cheers :p

Items are sealed with a foil bag, and while there is an additional card that comes housed inside the box (scroll to the bottom to have a closer look at WHAT it is ...), and what it is NOT, is a image of the character figure sealed inside said foil bag - which quite frankly can be seen in plenty of Blind Boxes ("BB"s) in the market right now, which to me somewhat "spoils" the thrill of finding out what is INSIDE the blind pull lol

MY IMPRESSION: As classy as the black-line-on-silver base box print is, it does not really “stand out” amongst the rest of the other displays (seen in image below of where MOMO PLANET is currently available in-store at Action City Bugis, in Singapore), or one can argue they do, because everything else is printed bright and colourful (*It’ll “work” if there is a display of actual figures somewhere, otherwise I’d not even notice it enough to pick it up, much less know what’s inside, even lesser chance of bringing it to the cashiers to pay money for, IMHO.

Here's a look at the blind box itself via my unboxing video, in which I opened a single box, while the rest of the boxes were ripped open behind camera :p

A basic set consists of 6 mini figures. My box of 8 x BBs yielded a single set, and two doubles. There is a "hidden/secret" figure to be had (which I did not score), which you can scroll to the booth of this post to see what it is you are looking for. Here is a in-hand video of each figure, and below that I have still images and some of my impressions to share, thanks.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: They are pretty clean, and mostly crisp, but for very minor paint app instances (for figures and details this small, I can easily look past, IMHO). Design-wise, they are on-brand with Momo Planet, by South Korean design studio Sticky Monster Lab... scroll down for more.

Quality-wise, these are quite on-point, as far as PVC+ABS figures go, with each having a decent weightage to them (something I personally appreciate), and somehow do not feel like "cheaper gacha", and they are far from it, IMHO!

ABOUT MOMO SPACESHIP: One of my favourite figures in this line-up, the make is pretty flawless, with a very sturdy UFO-base, complete with a clear plastic dash-panel. There is zero articulation for this piece.

I pulled a double for this, and am considering whether I want to sell it, or custom-paint it for myself! Need to find out how I can pry the figure out from its "cockpit" tho... hhhmmm

ABOUT MOMO LASER GUN: urned out to be far more "fun" the I had expected (from the studio photos), as both the pink ray(gun), the crater-base it he figure is standing on, real helped make it a "complete(er)" figure. Do not in any case try to twist the arms (like I did in the video), thinking that they are "articulated", because they are NOT! I too pulled a double for this, and will more likely list it up for sales soon :)

I liked that MOMO is both in his UFO and walking about in his astro-suit. Essentially, for the rest of the line-up, it showcases a to more characters from Momo Planet, and the two suits/mech they wear/operate.

ALSO, the above two figurines came in their own (hard) plastic shells (stuck together by sticky-tape).

ABOUT OIOI SPACE ANTENNA: Is adorable in it's "over-sized backpack versus the diminutive character carrying it, toppling over"-visual gag. The angry/frantic look in his face makes his predicament pretty "lively" too tho.

ABOUT OIOI SPACE ROBOT: Another one of my favs in this line-up, because I heart my dude-operating-mecha-suit concepts! OIOI is out of his oversized astro-communication suit and now walking about in a clear domed-mecha-bot! The arms are articulated via the shoulders, and that's it. the clamp-hands "work" only because they are soft(er) PVC material, but they certainly cannot hold the shape beyond its original.

ABOUT MIU BOOSTER: We have lift off! Initially I'd thought this was the most "throwaway" sort of design, but have since come around to appreciate the activity it is trying to portray, versus most other "static" designs.

ABOUT MIU SPACE TANK: Rounding out my favs is this beast, which is frankly the heaviest figure in the series, and one where you might be easier to "spot" when you compare weights of each blind box (*cough*), which is quite the opposite of "Miu Booster" (*cough*). The arms are too articulated (at the shoulder joints) for this figure, while the tank-thread are static. Gosh but I heard my chunky mechas!

In addition to the figures found in each blind box, comes as well a small card with a QR Code (on both sides of the card), which when scanned opens up a WeChat app which I do not possess, and will not attempt to download, thanks. Will updates if I find out what the QR Code leads to!

Founded in 2017, MOMOPLANET was designed by Korean design studio STICKY MONSTER LAB. As it says on their website, "MOMOPLANET is active in the trend culture of art dolls, art trend illustrations, etc. The brand concept of “GO AND EXPLORE” is embedded in the lifestyle of a new generation of trendy young people." (Instagram @momoplanet_official).

Consisting of three friends: "Momo", "Miu" and "OIOI", the aesthetics veer towards a very clean and definitive form, a very flat-based 2D "designer"-vibe, more "lifestyle" than "toy", although there have been collectibles released before this current themed "Space Edition" - which is made by China Guangzhou-based Moetch Design Center (Branding on boxes is still "Rock Bear Family" / Enquire availability via Instagram @moetch_designcenter), the suggested retail price per box is 69 RMB (approx. US$10 / SG$14).

As a series of mini figures, these possess more than decent production quality (for the price point), and as well the theme appeals to me (reminding me of "Doozers" in "Fraggle Rock" - i like it when the characters are "doing work" hahahaha ~ showing my age, dammit :p), in trend now with the "space"/"astronaut" toy concept currently blooming in Asia.

But in comparison to the mass of blind box goodness flooding the scene right now, they might be fighting amidst "artists names" and overt character designs, and perhaps struggle to tell their own story - which I would not really have known as much as I do now, after researching for this toy review, which can be a pity, as these are nicely done collectible figurines. Getting "noticed" these days is already a "fight", retaining folks interest; is another game.

Nevertheless, the decision is yours, as the story of MOMO PLANET is yours to discover - which frankly with this set (pending the QR-Code results), is woefully underwhelming. It could be as "simple" as more information printed on the box for education purposes, IMO.

THIS is the hidden/secret figure: An Alien!

Featured below is a series of toy-fun I'd have with OIOI vs SPACE DOG! Them clear-domed space-nauts have got to stick together, no?