Hyperactivemonkey for San Diego Comic Con 2019

A schweet line-up of goodies await folks at the Hyperactivemonkey Booth #2547 (sharing with @wootbearbelly), including these yummy embroidered fabric patches from Jerome Lu (more to be seen on Insta @jromonkey), BUT this blogpost will focus on his TOYS & Collectibles to be had, including the following;

“NINJA PLEASE” by Jeromeski (Jerome Lu and Scott Wilkowski) will be made available starting Preview Night! "Using an original Ninja Monkey sculpt (by @macsorro), @sw__._.__ws has used resin master powers to create these cute 2.25” double casted infected resin figures." shared Jerome Lu, who adds, "Priced at US$80 each, once you see them you’ll be asking for MORE “NINJA PLEASE”?!!!"

The Pink and Black Colorways will also see a online release via wootbear.com on Saturday July 20/2019 at 12PM PST! Price is US$80 each.

"Hyperactive Monkey Sofubi Figures" are a limited edition collection of 4 mini-figure cuties, each standing 2.25" tall and are articulated at the head. Each figure comes individually packaged with a 2" sticker. Figures are made of sofubi (soft vinyl) and produced in Japan. Pink and Silver set retail for US$40 each, while the above-shown Glow-In-The Dark set for US$50. Sculpted by @macsorro and produced by @science_patrols.

And while these are not available at Jerome's booth, they instead can be had at the @giantrobotstore Booth #1729! "Giant Robot Girl and Giant Robot Boy Sofubi Mini-figures" are sculpted by @macsorro and designed by @hyperactivemonkey. Produced in Japan by @science_patrols.

Priced individually at US$12 (for each Glow-In-Dark figure) and US$10 (for clear pink or silver figure).