MINDstyle / Pop Life Global for San Diego Comic Con 2019

"Pop Life" / "MINDstyle" / "SFBI" = they are all one and the same, even if they might mean different licensing brands, and in addition to the collectibles made available at Ron English's off-site Pop-Up at Luce Loft (which'll include a signing of Ron's latest "Original Grin" book released), these are what you'll find at the MINDstyle booth #5145 at San Diego Comic Con 2019 (18-21 July);

Pop Life will debut the "Stürmtruppen 1918" vinyl figure by Les Schettkoe at SDCC. Priced at US$75 per, this 8" tall vinyl's design is "based off a WW1 soldier w a nod to Big Daddy Roth’s German Helmets w the spikes from the 1960’s." shared @bunky_archer

Three of the Street Fighter x Ron English Grin vinyl art toys will be released at SDCC (FYI: CAPCOM STREET FIGHTER RYU GRIN was first released in 2018 at Complex Con), including;

- RYU GRIN (15" tall / US$250 per)
- GUILE GRIN (15" tall / US$250 per)
- BLANKA GRIN (9" tall / US$250 per)

"Kinna Cola" SFBI vinyl art toy from @zeenchin stands 8-inches tall and will be priced at US$75.00. This is his second release with Pop Life after ReCHILD from 2018! Find out MORE about the piece HERE in my previous post, incurring more images of the figure first seen at ToyconPH (Images via @anonymousridicule)

San Diego Comic Con will see the debut of the "JOHNNY" art toy by Futura (@futuradosmil) of Futura Laboratories, with this 10-inch tall vinyl figure priced at US$150! Find out more HERE in my previous post!

Fans of Vaughn Bode’s classic characters are in for a toy-treat, for when the JUNKWAFFEL SERIES 1 & 2 OF SFBI BODĒ MINI are unleashed at SDCC! 2 series of 4-Packs available at MINDstyle booth #5145. Find out more HERE in my previous post.

Pop Life Global will debut the first two "DC Comics x Imperial Court" art toys, with both BATMAN and THE FLASH vinyl figures each priced at US$350.00, each standing 15-inches tall. Find out more about the collectibles HERE in my previous post.