For years (since my first SDCC blogpost, actually), I had "secretly" listed toys/collectibles I had wanted/desired that were launched or debuted at the annual geek-con, but never really posted about them online, because (A) It was embarassing that I was unable to procure said items, and (B) It saddened me that I was unable to snag those I had wanted ... and quite frankly, it sometimes felt demoralising, simply because I don't just blog for "fun", most times I do like/enjoy/love/desire the toy, but am both physically and as importantly financially unable to have what I want, so I keep lists like that to myself, and shed my tears alone in the corner of my room... BUT...

Presenting TOYSREVIL's TOP TEN DESIGNER TOY WANTS at San Diego Comic Con 2019 (18-21 July)! If I can't get at them, YOU should know they exist too! ONWARDS...

TOY-WANT: Zeen Chin's 8-inch tall "KINNA COLA" vinyl collectible from Pop Life Global debuts at SDCC and will be available at MINDstyle booth ##5145 for US$75. Above snap exclusive from the convention floor, and you can view more HERE in my previous post.

This is a "debut" and not necessarily an "exclusive" to SDCC, but I personally purchase certain products at an event/convention because I want my toy-memory to be associated with said collectible! It could simply be due to reasons I myself know only, and no one else, and that is what makes purchases like this significant and memorable.

TOY-WANT: Futura debuts a NEW character collectible with Pop Life Global, with the 10-inch tall "JOHNNY" vinyl figure available for US$150.00 at MINDstyle booth ##5145. I want a "Futura" in my toylife! I've only had these 100% UNKLE Kubricks, and I think this guy could fit right in ... MORE event-images and product info HERE in my previous post.

This is a "debut" and not necessarily an "exclusive" to SDCC.

TOY-WANT: Torn between Purple Drank Kill Kat and Kisses of Death (MOSTLY EVIL Editions), I'd still want to add this 6-incher to me current stock of ZERO Kill Kats. Price is US$50.

The purple reminds me somewhat of "Ribena", my fav beverage from childhood and pre-Stroke ... yes, I am exceedingly self-indulgent and somewhat self-delusional, fhanks :)

This item was first released at Five Points Festival 2019 in early June, and can imagine it hitting the online store post-event. But creator Andrew Bell is at hand at the booth, and nothing beats having the item signed by the artist, IMHO. One of the main reasons why I would purchase collectibles at a event/convention, actually :)

TOY-WANT: Woot Bear's "Valkyrie" Edition is the FIRST of the "Dragon Boy Super League" releases, with this debuting at SDCC as a "pre-release" event, available Friday 7/19, at 3PM, where artist Martin Hsu was signing (see below video) at booth 2547. Priced at US$75 each set, only 20 sets will be available at SDCC.

Produced by PowerCore, this 2-pc Boy & Dog set is in a limited edition Of 60 sets worldwide, with a in-store signing event at Woot Bear and online release info to be announced soon!

TOY-WANT: INFECTED JUNKO BEAR by Scott Wilkowski x Junko Mizuno, because we can never get enough of gnarly-skeletons x-rayed inside teddy-bears! Priced at US$100 each, available at SDCC Booth #2547, they will as well see a online release on on Sat 7/20, 12pm PST. These 3-inch tall figures are available via "blind bag/mystery" pulls! But, "If you have your favorite color(s), feel free to list your 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice(s) on note at checkout."

Previously featured HERE.

Junko Bear Silhouette designed by @junko_mizuno_art
Infected Junko Bear sculpted, designed, and cast by @sw__._.__ws.

TOY-WANT: SUPERSTAR DESTROYER BLACK Edition from Bill McMullen at @munkykingtoys Booth #2649, because "Star Wars" at a GeekCon, and because AWE.SOME.

Limited to 100pcs and priced at US$180 (Previously featured HERE), artist @billions will be signing at the booth at 12pm Saturday, so this be double perfect, as far as I am concerned! I'll just close my eyes and imagine I cam in the queue, and that I can afford this piece, and maybe even pick up the WHITE version while I'm still fantasising about this ...

Not at SDCC? Chill, "Superstar Destroyer - Black" is also avail. online here.

TOY-NEED: "Mini Jackalope plush" from @flatbonnie is so ridiculously adorable, I cannot...!

Essentially a "blind bag" series, each bag is priced at US$20 (Order online here). Each bag contains one (1) plush, each sized about 4-3/4" tall (12cm tall), in 4 colors (Brown, Grey, Tan, and +1 mystery color / revealed partially in image below!). Made in Vinyl Pleather, Fleece, and features black non-removable safety eyes.... I'll just go ahead and imagine I snagged 4 bags and scored the "chase", okay? Total damage: U$80.00 of $$$ happily spent!

TOY-WANT: I'll just go ahead and imagine myself as the guy in glasses (No, I am not @bibbymoynihan incognito :p), holding my score and waiting to put them in my pocket and walk around the convention floor proud and with a secret-awesomeness in my pocket...!

The "Classic Edition" of @nathanhamill-designed DRORGS marries both the iconology of R2D2 and C3PO, with the Porgs birdy-body form (as introduced and barbecued by Chewbacca in "The Last Jedi"), and they can be yours for just US$40 a pair.

(Previously featured HERE) Sized 3" and 2.75" tall, these are Made in Japan by @science_patrols, they were made available at the @warmachinemarketing (Booth #1415) on Saturday July 20th, 3pm to 4pm - when Nathan will be signing!

I have been told, in many a times by as many a (1/6) toy-collecting friends, that I am a "cheap-ass collector" - ever unwilling to part big sums of money for toy collectibles, which essentially was true! What was true "then", has become a unfortunate "fact" now (due to lack of personal finances) ... BUT ...

TOY-WANT: "Ludens" is the mascot character of Japan Video Game powerhouse Kojima Productions. This deluxe one sixth scale figure is an event exclusive colorway and will be available in extremely limited quantities (only 50pcs?) at the 3D Retro Booth #2549. SRP is US$350. If I had the $$$, I would gladly pay for this ... thanks to their unboxing video... IF...

TOY-TIE-#1: Now, if I HAD to chose JUST ONE of these awesome pop-culture-appropriated blister-carded collectibles at the DKE Toys Booth #2643 , it would most certainly have to be "GAME OF WARS" from Thailand-based toymaker @toyerist, having mashed up Star Wars' Vader with Game of Thrones, to me is a perfect combo for a media-matured event such as the annual SDCC, and THAT ROCKS!

In a signed and numbered edition of only 30pcs, each priced at US$45, it's no bloody surprised it'll be Sold Out by Day 2!

TOY-TIE-#2: "S.HEAD IN GOLD" is the latest color way incarnation of the BAIT x Huck Gee x Robotech articulated collectible, available at Booth #2747 and in store at BAIT San Diego. Neither quantity nor price is revealed, so I cannot add to my tally, so I'll just have to consider this a "FREE GIFT" in my naive-mind and toy-plans ... (Previously featured HERE).

Both S.HEAD and GAME OF WARS tied for the tenth position on the list (I wanted to remain true to my toy-wants and not replace with a "convenient" collectible), but alas do not add to the final tally of my toy-wants, which at this time totals US$1,100.00 ... and if Unruly Industries was currently offering me my toywants I could take home with me from SDCC, well... and this is totally excluding the SDCC-collectibles available off site that I want too ...! Can you smell another list a'coming? :p

Have a fab SDCC, folks!
*Living vicariously thru your SDCC toy-scores! Tag me on Insta #toysrevil, will ya? :)