Rocket Fish & Pufferbit from SSDESIGN STUDIO on Kickstarter Launching Sept 13/2019

Singapore-based SSDESIGN STUDIO shares with us fantastic toynews of their first toy named "Rocket Fish and Pufferbit" will launch online here on Kickstarter on Friday September 13/2019 at 10am (Singapore time).

Standing 16cm tall, there will be four hand painted vinyl toys to be had; "Rusty Purple version", "Cool Orange version", "Spaceman version" and "Patina Green Version" - previewed here today (along with the figure's genesis), and as well you can stay connected to their Insta @ssdesignstudio and Facebook page for updates!

GENESIS: "In 2013, I started to have the idea of designing a toy model, but was repeatedly delayed by the theme park project! When I first designed the ROCKET FISH, my head sparked a concept.

It is because the resources on earth have been slowly squandered by humanity, war, deforestation, pollution and over-exploitation. I am thinking that human beings will not be punished as the lords creation."
STORY:"Nature has actually begun to punish humans, but it depends on human beings to be wary of such natural disasters. I wonder if the era of dinosaurs has passed. Is there no other creature that can make humans have a fear? Perhaps this kind of creature is in your present, right next to you! You may have weapons now. You can control any creature that threatens you.

How about 200 years later? If humans can evolve, can't animals? So with this idea, I boldly portrayed the "Natural War" comic, changed the relationship between humans and animals, and also launched the first model toy of SS DESIGN STUDIO according to the comic."
TOY DESIGN: "I like the effect of rust. Rusting means being corroded. It can be the mind and the object. Therefore, the main role and the environment in the comic are inseparable from the rust. In order to make the work interesting, we add a variety of possibilities in the head, hands, back and weapons, which is bound to make collectors have different toy experiences."