Sept 16/2019 Edition of Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week on TOYSREVIL

Featured/listed here today is the Monday Sept 16/2019 Edition of my weekly Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week on TOYSREVIL - where I showcase YOUR reading choices based on recorded blogger stats (for said past week), with today's list recorded at 9:30AM.

#10: Have you scored your 15-inch tall Pink UberJanky from Super Plastic yet?

#9: Have you scored your #Voltron-homage VOLTEQ63 MegaTEQ from Quiccs x Martian Toys yet?

#8: Have you scored your Johnny by Futura x MINDstyle ... aaahhh you know the drill by now ... :p

#7: "The Famous Dead" by JeAA sees a 19" tall IRON MAN hemlet customised by The Philippines based artist.

#6: Mighty Jaxx Giveaway 7 Toys for Celebrating 7 Years, and THIS is how you join-up!

#5: Since launched the past Sunday for your River Crusie considerations: gagatree's "OBOT Galaticandy" for WaterB!

#4: Previews for The Revenge of Planet Rainbow Sparkles since launched at @ Clutter Gallery!

#3: Get yourselves ready for the Sept 20th release of KAWS' GONE Collectible(s)! The pink looks marvelous!

#2: I'm not gonna ask if you "have scored or not" - just simply snag this magnificent Oni-Tayū (太夫) Smoke & Mirrors Edition by Tokyo Jesus x Clutter Studios, if you could afford it - I would if I could, without a shadow of a doubt!

#1: Reveal of UGLY DOLLS Not-So-Ugly-Toys from Hasbro from earlier in the year (February) gets a new lease of www-life on TOYSREVIL, and no I do not own any of these figures, and YES I WANT THEM ALL! Listed below are a few non-plush toys on Amazon :)