Alexander Iaccarino AKA #ThatKidWhoDraws Coming for Singapore Comic Con 2019 (Dec 7-8)!

I will be the first to admit this - I ashamedly rushed past the IG-posted announcement of "Alexander Iaccarino" as one of the invited guests for this year's Singapore Comic Con 2019 (7-8 December), until I took a closer look at his artwork, to recognize+realize that he is "THATKIDWHODRAWS"!

I personally adore his illustrations, particularly those of Japanese anime, with "EVANGELION" and "AKIRA" being my faves, and "COWBOY BEBOP" being the first image I had seen/featured of his work online (circa 2013)! Featured here in this post are some of said Anime-themed illustrations, and "NO", I do not know if any of these will be made available in SG :p

And I cannot be more delighted and stressed about him coming to Singapore! "Stressed" because I want ALL HIS ART, but cannot afford it for now!!! HOW AH LIKE THAT???

ARTIST BIO: "Based in Austin, Texas, Alexander Iaccarino creates illustrations combining the craft of screenprinting and the feel of classic movie posters with the influence of classic anime, western comics, and video games. His appreciation for the genres really show through to his work which is full of intricate details and usually includes a large cast of characters. As a freelance illustrator, Alexander has had the opportunity to create officially licensed Star Wars and Marvel poster artwork and work with many great clients such as AMC, Playstation, NBC, and Rooster Tooth. Aside from illustrating, he also has a passion for making informative tutorial videos and sharing his process and knowledge with other artists." (

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