Kurobokan for Taipei Toy Festival 2019

Toy brand Kurobokan at Taipei Toy Festival 2019 (Oct 10-13) Booth A26 will be home to a few toy-releases this week, including the following:

Above: KINOHEL NIMBIS by Kurobokan x pppudding (NT$1500 per / Quantity TBC).

Below: 5 x OOAK custom-painted Sleepwalker Nimbus figures (WIPs featured below).

Above: @kongandri's "SkaterBoy" - earlier featured HERE.

Below: @kentanworks' "Coco Jellybean" 20pcs limited edition. Read the captions
in below embedded image for purchasing conditions!

Above: Limited Run GID "Sleepwalker Nimbus" & "Gwen The Corgi" figures with @mrkumkum, who will be in attendance at TTF!

From @eric_noah:

- "Gwen the corgi" x "Edmon" custom resin figures collar with @sumadinata.
- Resin handmade "Gwennie Bean"
- "Sleeping Gwen" resin toy collaboration with @kaze_tee.
- Custom GID-Coco The Astrochimp micro run collabo with Kendy Tan.

Featured here are embedded Insta-pics, where you can click to the originators (That's how TOYSREVIL rolls :p). Stay updated via Insta @kurobokan for more reveals, updates, and possibly post-event availability of the goodies, if any are left, that is!