Oct 14/2019 Edition of Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week on TOYSREVIL

After an exhausting weekend of "Taipei Toy Festival 2019" online-coverage, I am exhausted but hella excited for toys! And while I no longer buy as much as I do blog about them, I appreciate being able to live my toylike vicariously thru collectors and snaps of their toy-scores!

On the blog-front tho, THIS is this week's Top Ten Blogposts on TOYSREVIL the Past Week, based on YOUR reading choices, as recorded in the blogger stats (This list generated at 11am on October 14th, 2019 Singapore-time). Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Have a fab new week of TOYS, people!

#10: Phase1 TEQ63 by Quiccs x Sket-One for ComplexCon has been revealed! Click on link provided to find out more about this 6-inch vinyl toy, a number of which previously saw a "surprise launch" circa New York Comic Con!

#9: We took a closer look at Bruckaroni's "JAX & BENNY" (Custom Ellie) for Woot Bear - including a video - while the one-off-piece has since been listed online here for your purchasing pleasures (Price at US$725.00).

#8: While I had previously featured PIGGUMS by Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy Three Ways, seems there is a FOURTH color way to be had, specifically at TTF, with the nuptials of BBT Head-honcho Kaz @nigo_bbt and @ning82828! Congratulations!

This particular colorway was given out as Wedding Gifts tho, with no online availability revealed. The "Pirate Boy" (black+white stripes) has since Sold Out at TTF! You might want to check in with @milkcargo for availability of the Albino/Pink version tho .... And Kozik's OG colorway (blue+white) availability is KIV.

#7: Since my DEVILROBOT x Punk Drunker X Kenny Wong X GABU GABU-blog feature, I have been seeing quite a number of fans/collectors showcasing their toy-scores, keeping me toy-thirsty, indeed! You might want to check in with Insta @dvrb_sis for any post-event availability (They have not stated otherwise tho :p).

#6: Besides these toy-reveal for the Kurobokan-booth at Taipei Toy Festival, the event also saw reveals of "Voodoo Shaman" by @mrkumkum (Mask casted by @mirffu), and a surprise debut launch of a new colorway for #MurdogtheBulldog! Stay connected to Insta @kurobokan for any post-event availability, if any of them are left unspoken for, that is!

#5: I don't know about you folks, but I certainly am getting quote in toy-love with "M.I.R.A." (Original Colorway) by Derri of Meijin Toy!!! The form, the cyber-future anime-esque aesthetic (Yes, I am biased) = all vibes with me personally lol

#4: GRAMPS from funnymodelclub has since launched for pre-orders, and as well via these distributers! (My personal THANKS to Singapore-based online toy-store @toygalleria for the typo-catch!)

#3: "Ellie the Jellyfish Princess Custom Show" has since opened/launched at Woot Bear, and customs since listed for sales online here!

#2: "Collectibles at Taipei Toy Festival 2019" was the first post of combined collectibles coverage for the annual event, with uploads on my @toysrevil Insta and posted on the blog.

My personal thanks to collectors who have shared their toy-scores, and for brands/artists who have captioned their goodies with the necessary info - which makes my blogline so much easier, thank you!!!!

#1: I had been exceedingly fascinated in finding out WHY this "The Addams Family" Collectible Toys for 2019-blogpost reached the Top of the list (and had remained for most of the entire week, actually), to find out that "The Addams Family: The Complete Set" from Mezco's "5Points" line (AKA "5 points of articulation", geddit? :p) has since launched for pre-orders at $85 (Ships Feb - April 2020), based off the animated feature film opened Oct 11th, which in turn was based off the character designs from their creator Charles Addams' original cartoons ... perhaps?