The Little Hut for Taipei Toy Festival 2019

The Little Hut @ Taipei Toy Festival 2019 (Oct 10-13) will be representing a trio of artists: Shon Nakazawa and T9G (from Japan), and SHON from Taiwan.

Featured below are images and product deets for Booth A19, as well as release schedule and purchasing rules. Keep updated via Insta @thelittlehutco!

Byron “Amethyst” Ver. by Shoko Nakazawa (Release Oct 10th)
Rangeron “Sapphire” Ver. by Shoko x T9G (Release Oct 11th)

Seedlas Brother “Cosmos” Ver. (Release Oct 11th)

Rangeas Jr. “Classic GID” Ver. by T9G (Release Oct 11th)

Nekotaro “Blue Suit” Ver. by T9G (Release Oct 10th)

Kotaro V2 “OG” Ver. by T9G (Release Oct 10th)

Bearby “King” Ver. by T9G (Release Oct 10th)
*Bearby will be taking pre-order

Space Dream “Pinky Star” Ver. by Shon (Release Oct 10th)

RYUH Space Dream “Good Day” Set by Shon (Release Oct 10th)

Hug Hug Cat “Gluttonous” Ver. by Shon (Release Oct 10th)

Bumper Car “Cola” Ver. by Shon (Release Oct 10th)

Items will be released on 10th and 11th as descriptions above, and all the sales will start at 12:00 each day through lottery, lottery tickets will be distributed during 11:00~11:50. Ticket will be limited to 200 each day.

Coinciding with TTF is SHIN's solo exhibition titled "Among the Stars /群星之間", happening 2019.10.12-2019.10.20 at the Little Hut Gallery (3 delay street, Taipei City, Taipei city). Opening time: 14:00 ~ 20:00. You might want to stay connected to Insta @shonside for peeks!