Witness the Star Wars x AKIRA-inspired "Losing Game // Tokyo" (Tmall.com special edition) by Fools Paradise

Let's make this perfectly clear - If I had my way and ability, I would be adding most of Fools Paradise's products to my humble little collection! ... but I simply don't, so I suck on my thumbs and instead gleefully blog about them on TOYSREVIL! My toy-desire(s) has certainly not been diminished with THIS latest reveal....!

Witness the Star Wars Stormtrooper mash-up with AKIRA - known as "Losing Game // Tokyo Tmall.com special edition"!

Their "Lowfool" bulked+buffed-up character dons the Red Stormtrooper armour which is a mirror to Kaneda's infamous bike with decals from anime classic "Akira", and Luke Skywalker's landerspeeder as the "Coin Rides Game" = for a splendid and striking homage, IMHO.

Available via two online sources:

Option #1: The first 100 sets are currently available to order via detail.tmall.com. Price is ¥2920.00 (approx. US$413 / SG$563).

Option #2: Pre-order on doublefools.blogspot.com begins October 22nd at 00:00 Hong Kong time. Online pre-order ready ship on 1st quarter of 2020.

Limited to 398 pieces worldwide, "Lowfool" stands approx. 36cm tall, and is price at US$298 (plus $30 global shipping).