TOMENOSUKE @ Tokyo Comic Con 2019 (Nov 22-24)

Featured here are some of the goodness what TOMENOSUKE will be offering up at booth B-002 @ Tokyo Comic Con 2019 (Nov 22-24), exhibiting this weekend Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall (9+10+11).

And in lieu of an inactive social media channels, you'd do well to stay connected to their blog for updates... and of course features on TOYSREVIL! Meanwhile, ONWARDS!

"A VULGAR STATEMENT" from mr clement will debut in three colorways for pre-sale: WHITE, GRAY and BLACK - each in a run of 10pcs (I featured this earlier in October), each priced at 13,200 Yen. Also note that mr clement will be in attendance for signing sessions on the afternoon of November 22nd and 23rd.

The Acid Dream Edition of Utomaru's "MIMI THE CANNIBAL GIRL" Acid Dream will debut at the event, and be made available subsequently online here after the event. Quantity and price for this 290mm tall vinyl figure pending.

Utomaru will also be releasing a series of art prints at the Tomenosuke booth, starting Saturday, November 23rd. Here are a few peeks, of illustrations which reminds me tons of retro-anime art "Vaporwave" compilations that have been my constant audio-buddies these blogging days!

"STOP MIROCK MOTION" in this Tomenosuke Exclusive Color by Mirock-Toy blends blue and white like marble. This edition will be released alongside other colorways from @mirocktoy, whom Utomaru had created a poster-image for!

Besides performing live-painting at the event, @sket_one will as well be offering up a line-up of his toy-art at Tomenosuke's booth B-002, including his custom BladeRunner-Blaster I featured earlier.

A slice of DesignerCon 2019 (Nov 22-24) can be had for folks in Japan, with the very limited quantity of 3D Retro-exclusive edition of Doktor A's THOMAS NOSUKE MORBIUS "TEAL" Edition (previously featured) to be made available, with the rest to be sold at Tomenosuke Stores after the Con for core Thomas Nosuke collectors.

Featured above is the TEAL Edition, while the video below is Tomenosuke's RED Edition (¥17,600).