SUNGUTS at Singapore Comic Con 2019

A showcase of snaps of SUNGUTS' booth at the past weekend's Singapore Comic Con 2019 - snapped on Day 1, where I hovered around longer than expected, admittedly too darn effin' shy to introduce myself+my blog, and as well resisting buying the toys!

And the toys, were indeed tempting, not just for the unique quirkiness, but as well for it being economically friendly, and quite frankly a fab starting point for folks wanting to jump into the scene, IMHO. Personally fo me, seeing them via online images only served as a "gauge" for "prices", but needed to be seen in-person - even of behind the glass panel - is a different sensation.

Aside, I would hazard to say, if he had brought along "Shin Godzilla" pieces, they might have clicked with folks/attendees who might not already know about Sungut's toy-art...

Nevertheless, the Raa-Born peeking back from the banner shelf looked fun, and I regretted not asking to take a closer in-hand-look ... Two Editions were available for lottery each day :)

Day 2, I had gone over to say HI and introduce myself, AND snagged two pieces - my first pieces for SGCC, actually - which subsequently opened up the floodgates for me to snag MORE toys afters - within my minuscule year-end budget of course (*if my mobile phone line gets cut, you'll now know the reasons why...), AND forgetting to take a wefie alongside MONAKA-Chan! My wefie-game is WEAK lah!~

BUT, I managed to wiggle up beside Tadayoshi Ichimiya, for a cropped snap (OMG). Well, that certainly left some memories for me of SGCC this year!

Stay connected to SUNGUTS on his Instagram, while he is mucho more active on his Twitter!