TOYSREVIL's ShowYouMyToys!: Daniel Yu's Lunar Creep/The Cleric ("Cleric Explorer"?)

In today's SHOW YOU MY TOYS, I take a closer look at Daniel Yu's LUNAR CREEP/THE CLERIC, and marvelling at the magnets for the swappable heads! A feature long apart of Daniel's p[ast releases, but this is my first, so do bear with my toy-joy LOL

This PINK colorway of the resin figure was first released at the recent Singapore Comic Con 2019, and you might want to stay connected to his INSTAGRAM and/or FACEBOOK for (any) drop info!

Meanwhile, here are some still snaps, and I'll add more if/when I'm playing with'em!

The PINK lunar Creep/Cleric is seen alongside Fanny Kao's HIBBO (debut PIK colorway sofubi)m and Daniel's own ME MEI from "Fortune Twins" = ALL THREE of whom debuted at SGCC! "Coincidence" they are All in PINK? Or....

I'll take a closer look at HIBBO and MEI MEI in a later+separate posts, but today, the focus is on THIS figure!

As mentioned in my review-video, this color-dyed resin figure features exactingly detailed sculpting, especially so since it is a "mass"-produced piece, with a level of detailing unparalleled, I insist.

I am glad Daniel continues to produce these small figurines, even though Unbox has since upsized the LUNAR CREEP unto 10-inches of AWESOME, whom one day will belong to my collection, one daaaaayyyyy....

Do yourselves a favour, and snag this or any other of Daniel's original character creations - if this is the (niche) genre of your chosen toy-poison - for you collection will be enriched by it's existence.