Jan 27/2020 Top Ten Blogposts The Past Week on TOYSREVIL

Today January 27th is a designated Public Holiday here in Singapore, and the third day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, but it sure will not keep me back from sharing with you folks my weekly Top Ten Blogposts for the Past Week on TOYSREVIL!

The list is based on YOUR reading/clicking choices, as recorded on my blog-stats, so scroll forth and click thru to the original blogposts to see what you have missed out on, or to relive the toy-joy, well, at least online on TOYSREVIL!

Cheers And Gong Xi Fa Chai!

#10: Resin & Vinyl BLANKS by Daniel Yu since launched online via store.thedanielyu.com! Don't forget Daniel has also released a line-up of PAINTED Editions too!

#9: IS IT ART? FRIDGE MAGNET by UME Toys parodies the "banana-duct-taped-to-the-wall art' from 2019, and since launched for sale online here.

#8: New Porcelain Sculpts from mr clement since launched online here.

#7: K-LOVE Bronze Sculpture by Joan Cornellà x All Rights Reserved since Sold Out!

#6: "Alien v Yeti" Custom by Klav9 is a proper beast, innit?

#5: Find out what's listed in #TopTenToysof2019 by Hanung

#4: Find out what's listed in #TopTenToysof2019 by Winston Leong

#3: How is a NENDOROID Made? - Behind the Scenes at Good Smile Company.

#2: And while the 24-hour Timed Release for HAPPY ENDING UNDER THE SEA by Mighty Jaxx has since closed, the controversy continues...

#1 "GOLIMAR" (That "Indian Thriller"-Guy) from Special Ed Toys makes a "surprise" comeback on the charts! Alas, the item is no longer on sale, BUT here's the music video inspiration: