#TopTenToysof2019 by Winston Leong

Featured today is the list for the TOP TEN TOYS OF 2019 from our friend Winston Leong (Insta @winzleong), helping us celebrate the FIRST day of Chinese Lunar New Year (here in Singapore)!

You might also want to check out his previous years' lists (2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018) for a toy-collection I am personally jelly of, I will not lie!

#10 - Piggums by Kozik x Blackbook Toy (Clear Edition) (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: Am a sucker of things transparent... Its amazing how they manage to do it without bubbles and how well it photographs.

#09 - ヒグチユウコフィギュアマスコットSeries 1 & 2 by Higuchi Yuko (Pix on Instagram + Series 2)
WINSTON SAYS: Cats turned mysterious creatures... what's not to like about it?

#08 - CBB Theatre Circus Boy Band Blind Box (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: Really simple and eye catching design turned into 3D. The make of this is great too!

TOYSREVIL: Can you share with us, who you are and what you do?

winzleong: Print/ Web Designer currently based in Hong Kong.

TOYSREVIL: How long have you been buying (collectible) toys?

winzleong: If I remember correctly, what started me on designer toys was a few of those mini blister packed Tofu Oyako gashapons which was a birthday gift before my 20s. That would make my toy collecting hobby around 20 years or more.

TOYSREVIL: Where do you normally purchase your toys? Online? Offline from Stores? Events? Which do you prefer? And why?

winzleong: Wherever I can get them. Online, Auctions, Stores, Events... I personally like events the most simply because there is an element of interaction with other collectors/ sellers.

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聲控 殭屍仔!

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#07 - Retro Jiang Shi Voice Activated Toy
WINSTON SAYS: Have always been fascinated about chinese vampires and how they hop around... Managed to get my hands on this old toy which still works... Hops around when it hears sounds...

#06 - Fairest Of Them All by Djohan (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: Beautifully executed. Period.

#05 - Tanuki - Golden Guy by Amanda Visell (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: A tanuki with his giant balls + dick hanging out for the world to see. Its only cute till u look into the details...

TOYSREVIL: Do you have “toy-grails”? And did you manage to score a “toy-grail” this year (2019)?

winzleong: Who doesn't? I would say THE grail piece of 2019 would probably be the makoto chan pachinko machine face front. Very close in second place would be 変身まことちゃんシリーズ まことちゃん タマミ憑依Ver.  with a different face sculpt + a extra "ghost" figure. Both are in my top 10 list!

TOYSREVIL: Any particular focus or toy-aims this year (2020)? Starting any new line?

winzleong: More Coarse, Amanda Visell, Parra, etc hahaha... Hopefully no new lines...

#04 - Cactus Girl by Kila Cheung (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: A Girl with cactus hair on a ashtray... Doesn't get weirder than this...

#03 - “THE UPSIDE DOWN FACE VASE” by Parra x Case Studyo (Pix on Instagram / Single feature)
WINSTON SAYS: I wouldn't consider this a toy but it's definitely one of my fave gets of 2019.

#02 - 変身まことちゃんシリーズ まことちゃん タマミ憑依Ver. (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: One of my grails of all time...

#01 - Makotochan Pachinko Machine Face Front (Pix on Instagram)
WINSTON SAYS: Surprise gift from a friend... Now just need to figure out how I am gonna display this!

TOYSREVIL: Do you belong to any particular or dedicated toy-groups (online or offline)? Do you have “toy-buying buddies”?

winzleong: Coarseheads (FB group) and a bunch of toy friends in HK and in SG.

TOYSREVIL: “Toy Buying these days is a solitary affair” = Do you agree with this? How do you feel about this?

winzleong: Definitely not solitary... To me toy collecting isn't really about getting the item itself but the time spent with others chatting, finding out where the good deals are or even going to toy shows together...

TOYSREVIL: Where can people go to see your collection?

winzleong: instagram.com/winzleong