BUDBRO The Broccoli Brain by WVD Launched For Pre-orders Now!

Thailand-based toy-maker WVD AKA "WEIRDVADER" (Insta @wvd.studio) shares with us toy news of the launch of his pre-painted resin figure, named "BUDBRO The Broccoli Brain"!

This is his second designer character figure release, after 2019's DREADSKULL!

Available in two editions: The "Sativa" and "Indica" Editions - each sized 4.8 inches tall, and each colorway is limited to only 10pcs worldwide! Priced at US$70 and pre-orderable online here (Production time : 2 months exclude shipping).

Curious about his name (and that "leaf" shape on his hair :p), I asked for BUDBRO's story direct from the creator himself!
"...when I thinking about his name, "Death Stranding" (had) just released, and the concept of BB inspired me so I use BB as base idea.

"BUDBRO" --> Bud is referred to a cannabis flower so we use this word in Thailand to avoid saying "weed". I put BRO on him because I created him to be like the dealer in my character universe, so everybody call him "bro"! "Broccoli" is another (slang) word to refer to "weed", so broccoli brain is like he's thinking about get high all the time he is alive!"
(Edited for grammar)