TOYSREVIL UNBOXES Sesame Street from POPMART (on Facebook Live)

(Above image Here on Instagram)

In my second ever Facebook "Live" recoding before the weekend, I unbox two x SESAME STREET CLASSIC mini figures, courtesy of POPMART! This latest blind box series feature a line-up of 8 x Sesame Street characters in 12 figure poses (+ 1 secret figure), all in the "Baby"-aesthetics! Check out how they look in my earlier blog-feature, while THIS video shows what figures I pulled!

FY: I ramble on quite a bit before "starting", and you can jump forward to the 44-seconds mark in the embedded video featured below, to view, thanks :)

This video was first recorded/filmed and posted here on Facebook, and subsequently uploaded on youtube from the raw file with zero editing... Also featured here are still images I'd snapped of the box and figures I pulled, plus a little additional commentary of the figures after filming ended...

As mentioned briefly in the unbox video, I am quite liking the "new" box packaging (*I am unaware of current released figures, but these are NEW to me :p) - compared to the previous - one example being for Gudetama Zodiac, where it is just a sraight-up stuck down cover .. while THIS box allows you to flip back and keep the cover somewhat intact, which works perfect for folks like me who want to store their to figures, as I personally do not have physical display space for them.

Featured here are the two pre-painted PVC figures I pulled: (Baby) BIG BIRD and (Baby) a COOKIE MONSTER with a float! The sculpt is schweet, colour-apps totally decent, but alas my Big Bird is finding a harder footing to stand stable, with attempting to take these pictures, quite a frustrating struggle. But if unmolested, Big Bird stands decent.

Check in with your fav retailer(s) who deal in POPMART figures for pricing and availability (I cannot seem to find these on POPMART's own e-store tho...). As stated in my earlier post, these will be available only in Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa.

(Above OG image HERE on Instagram)