INSTINCTOY September Lottery Sale Starts (Sept 25-27)

INSTINCTOY has just announced and launched the LOTTERY SALE of the following items:

Anatomical Maguro 1st color "Mystic Black"
Anatomical Muckey "Charcoal Black"(G.I.D)
Mini MAGURO-SENPAI 2nd Color Original See.
Mini MAGURO-SENPAI 2nd Color Surprised ver.

L*tery applications starts NOW and ENDS September 27th (2359h Japan time)! International (non-Japan) address to apply online via Winning notification emails will be sent out on October 2, 2020 (Friday) until 1900h Japan time. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail). Shipping will start October 6, 2020. Good luck in your toy-hunt, folks!

ANATOMICAL MAGURO features Anatomical Design by Jason Freeny, Character Design by Chino Lam (Produced by INSTINCTOY), with this sized (approx) 22cm tall vinyl figure priced at 19,800JPY (incl. tax) excluding shipping. This is the first release of the figure, with this "Mystic Black" being the first colorway! Check out the packaging box featured HERE previously.

ANATOMICAL MUCKEY features Anatomical Design by Jason Freeny + Character Design by Hiroto Ohkubo (Produced by INSTINCTOY). This (approx) 25cm tall vinyl figure is priced at 30,000JPY (incl. tax) excluding shipping. This "Charcoal Black" Edition features GID/glow-in-the-dark skeletal-sculpt (check out the images).

Mini MAGURO-SENPAI 2nd Color "Original See" and "Surprised ver." by Chino Lam are each sized (approx) 6cm tall, each priced at 2,500JPY (incl. tax) excluding shipping. Accessories include Charm chain (not installed), small kitchen knife.