The 6th Edition of TOYSOUL 2020 Has Been Suspended.

For the past few years, the advent of the annual "TOY SOUL" event held in Hong Kong generally heralds the end of a working year (at least a "blog-year" here on TOYSREVIL), and the 6th Edition of event has having had its share of false-starts and postponements...

With the June 2020-date being a postponement from 2019, leading to December 2020, with promos starting up on their socials too ... but alas a new update for the status of the ToySoul 2020 has been announced: The show will yet again be suspended (until further developments).
"In view of the tightening of the latest vaccination measures by the Government yesterday, the categories of public entertainment places (including exhibitions) must be closed for a period of 2 weeks until December 16 It is also regrettable that the TOYSOUL 2020 Asia Toy Show has been forced to announce that it will be suspended again. We are discussing with the exhibition and various parties on the latest arrangements that can be co-ordinated. There is an update that will be announced as soon as possible, please be patient with us. We would like to thank you again for your support for the Asian Toysoul 2020 The organisers have already arranged and co-operated various measures, and we hope that they can be organized smoothly, and we are very sorry to disappoint you again. We hope that we will be considerate and continue to support the TOYSOUL Asia Toys Show.
Thank you all again."
(@ToySoul 亞洲玩具展)

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