Mongrol In SG


Having seen images posted online from happy customers, I found myself waiting at home in anticipation of receiving my 1/12th-scaled MONGROL - to my personal mistake, simply because waiting for a 3A Toy to arrive is such agony! Better to let the doorbell ring, and let the postman surprise you instead, IMHO. Pre-orders was in mid-June last year, 2012, priced at US$55 each (sans shipping costs). A Black-Hole Edition in this scale was also offered.


Nevertheless, MONGROL was a hoot and I really like this piece! And while I have the Black Hole Edition in 1/6th-scale (arm since popped out, sadness is my toy-loving-heart), this seems a more manageable scale, and if the entire A.B.C. Warriors were to be released in 1/12th, I really wouldn't mind either - would save me hella cash, innit? Check out more snaps posted HERE on my Facebook album!

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