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Sneak Peek at Sucker Punch Girls in 1/6 by Hot Toys

Color Ink Book for San Diego Comic Con 2011

Fuluto series by KusoVinyl x TobyHK to debut at San Diego Comic Con

STEGOFOREST Resin Dinosaur by Ghost&Flower

Custom-Feature: Captain America Androids by Gary Ham for San Diego Comic Con 2011

ELFQUEST (Panel Discussion) @ San Diego Comic Con 2011

Custom-Feature: Flying Carpet by Doktor A (for Gentle Giants in Berlin)

Customs by Doktor A for Imaginary Menagerie @ OhNo!Doom

Pocket Change Series 1 Art Coins for San Diego Comic Con

Usagi Yojimbo Custom Labbit by Stan Sakai & Year of the Rabbit Exhibition @ JANM

Custom-Feature: Radioactive Puffin Juice Labbit by Camilla D'Errico

Teaser Poster for The Dark Knight Rises

Custom-Feature: Zangeif PAWS by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Project Squadt Reveal: NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole] by Ferg

Custom-Feature: Comic Stripped - Captain America Munny by VISEone

Custom-Feature: Biohazard Tube Dunnys by VISEone

Toy2R @ San Diego Comic Con 2011

WWR Medic Armstrong by 3A Toys

ESC x SDCC 2nd Reveal: Little Axe Pinku with print (Charity Sales)

Wood Print Exclusives for San Diego Comic Con by Hi-Fructose: Joe Ledbetter & Alex Pardee