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MILK Magazine’s #GhostInTheShell Art Jam featuring illustrations by 6 x Hong Kong Comic Artists

Hong Kong’s MILK Magazine had invited 6 x HK illustrators for a round of “Art Jam” with the upcoming live action GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film as the theme, with Scarlet Johansson's "The Major" as the focus for the interpretation in their art!

The result is a nifty video to gawk at (Click thru to view), where each artist relates their impressions and connections to the manga/anime, and as well explain their art (In Cantonese language with no English subtitles, I’m afraid), and of course, glorious fanart!

(Source: milkhk)
Scroll down for some images of their finished art I’ve found online to share, plus a screen grab (I will try to update of the final image is ever uploaded).

Above Illustration by Felix Ip (Facebook / Instagram / Blog)
- Calligraphy pen on A3 illustration paper, digital color in Photoshop.

Above Illustration by Pen So (Facebook). Ink on Paper.

Above Illustration by Miloza Ma (Facebook / Instagram)

Above Illustration by CK Keung (Facebook / Wightman Com…

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