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Seen @ The Sucklord's "Bootleg Toy Super Villain" @ Kult Gallery (Teaser Post for October 5th)

Managed to wiggle my way into the Bootleg Toy Super Villain show before the launch Friday at 7pm (thanks for the graciousness of Tulikah at KULT), and was honored to meet my toy-hero in person after so many years on the blog! And while I regaled him (and folks around) my my sordid Stroke stories, I managed to also snap-n-film images - which will take me some time to process - BUT meanwhile, these are what I had posted on my Instagram, to share on the blog now!

UPDATED: I've since uploaded mondo-more (pre-paunch party pics) HERE on Facebook, for your viewing pleasures!

Alas I don't have party pics, but you'll need to know The Sucklord has a "OVER PIZZA & BEER: THE SUCKLORD SPEAKS" Talk, and "PORTFOLIO NIGHT" meet-n-greet tomorrow Saturday (3-5pm & 6-8pm respectively), before he leaves SG on Sunday (Hopefully not for good), yeah?)!

View this post on Instagram Just when you thought it’s trippy, the @sucklord does a swipe-left, you know you’ll love …

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