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One week ago today, TOYSREVIL had officially gone dark - specifically the blog (which you are reading right now), for when my Mac desktop quite literally could only "blink" at me, and unable to launch, effectively cut me off from updating the TOYSREVIL-blog via said desktop. A mid-week mishap perhaps exacerbated the underlying problems. The coffee spill unto the keyboard probably did not help. I frantically scrambled to seek an alternative (local repair guy mentioned a shitty keyboard could not affect my desktop tho :p), and amidst my panic, I'd cleaned up a OLD keyboard (while watching Wonder Woman 1984), and used that for a day until "The Blink". View this post on Instagram A post shared by Andy Heng (@asliceofheng) A day before "The Blink" (Yes, I am riffing off Engame :p), there was zero audio. Upon checking my desktop, my "Internal Speakers" did not exist. My iTunes froze when I attempted to play my saved

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