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February 26th, 2024 Edition of TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (The Past Week)

So the Chinese Lunar New Year came to a close Saturday last, and festivities have ended, and all manners of red decor has been kept (I lie, they will remain until the coming Christmas when it is time to change decor), while CNY edible-goodies remain unfinished, housed in their red-lid-clear-plastic-body-containers, (over)crowding whatever table-top(s) they lay ... each teasing and tempting me to devour them (the cookies inside, not the containers lah), with their siren sounds of "eat-me, Eat-Me, EAAAAAT-MEEEEEEE" = all muffled inside their clear plastic coffins ... as I pat down my expanded belly, while reminiscing the bygone days when I relished having a "waist" ... same could be said of the blind boxes and toys piled up in front of me(ish), needing to be reviewed, filmed and photographed, innit? Maybe for health's sake, I should focus on the TOYS, yeah? But those darn pineapple tarts has been egging me on with "Forget your diabetes! Come on over to t

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