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Launched today is the #DRAWDANGERDOG Fanart Contest, whereby you submit your Best Fanart / Interpretation of Tenacious Toys' DANGER DOG Mascot! Yes, this is a (2 dimensional) "drawing challenge", and anyone can join! It's been a while since I've had any illustration contest on this blog, and with the prize offered I think this is a splendid "fit" of artistic spirits! This is what you do to enter:

#1A. Draw and Upload your fanart on your own Instagram, with the hashtag "#drawdangerdog" clearly indication in the image captions = Do note that this is very important, as it'll be the only way we can track your submission!*

#1B. Draw and Email in your fanart to "toysreviler [at]" (With the Subject title being: "#drawdangerdog Submission").

*But if your IG-stream is kept to "Private", then you are recommended to email you submissions in. And no, I might not add you to be able to see your art ... we want as …

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