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A Closer Look at Tim Biskup x Gama-Go's DEATHBOT (Gama-Gold Edition / SDCC 2008) from Ninyoushi

Featured here are images of Gama-Go's DEATHBOT wooden-figure, as designed by Tim Biskup (based on his art / Scroll to the bottom to view), and sculpted by Dave Higgins, with box-art designed by Antony Sewell. Produced by Ningyoushi, this is the SDCC Gama-Gold edition (Limited to 400pcs), released circa San Diego Comic-Con 2008, and I have one now available online HERE priced at US$35.00 (Price excludes shipping+handling), for your purchasing considerations :)

Standing 5-inches tall, the predominantly wood-made body features internal armature (I assume) which allows articulated/bendy arms, legs and neck. Item comes complete with box (Good condition). Figure never been displayed and had remained in the box, except for take these photographs, thanks.

I have not removed the figure from its plastic-tray though, and cannot vouch for it's articulation or structural integrity though ... (FYI: The pics directly below are from my own figure, not the one for sale :p).

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