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Open Call For Artists for #TheBlankShow2

"Are you a talented bastard that thinks you have the chops to be a part of Huck & Clutter’s 2nd Annual Blank Show? Are you an artful craftmaster ready to exhibit your work alongside some of the best Toy Artists in the world? "We have reserved 3 “Open Spots” have been reserved in this year’s “THE BLANK SHOW 2” exclusively to find fresh new talent. An “open call” had been made since earlier this week, and you have until April 1st to tag @HuckGee and @ClutterMagazine in a new art submission on Instagram.

“Winners” will be announced “the following week”.

And if you are unsure about WHAT “The Blank Show” is, check out THIS LINK for coverage on TOYSREVIL! The SKULLHEAD BLANK is a articulated 7-inch tall resin figure designed and created by Huck Gee, which were so hawt, someone even stole it from Huck’s booth when he was here in Singapore for STGCC in 2015!

BLOGGED #onTOYSREVIL: ALERT: #HuckGee's Skullhead Blanks Stolen at #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy Game…

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