Unboxing & Toy Review of JUST A GIRL / HELLO NORI

Before I delve into the unboxing proper, I'd like to investigate further into the term "City Pop", for the uninitiated ... feel free to scroll thru if you are familiar with this, cheers.


"City pop (シティ・ポップ, shiti poppu) is a loosely defined form of Japanese pop music that emerged in the late 1970s and peaked in popularity during the 1980s. It was originally termed as an offshoot of Japan's Western-influenced "new music", but came to include a wide range of styles – including AOR, soft rock, R&B, funk, and boogie – that were associated with the country's nascent economic boom and leisure class. It was also identified with new technologies such as the Walkman, cars with built-in cassette decks and FM stereos, and various electronic musical instruments." [Wikipedia]

"Retro" is a one-worded description I'll use, for a particular soundscape of the 70s-80s (see MV example below), that is more chill-by-the-urban-beach (which I feature a ton of on my Music Hobby Blog "TUNESTALKSG"), versus the urban cityscape of retro-wave, neon-wave and it's ilk.

Featured below is a "official music video" for the track "Plastic Love" by Mariya Takeuchi, which originally went viral online as a audio only version. Warner Music Japan released this MV to coincide with the virality. Without delving too much into the actual lyrics of the song, the title "Plastic Love" is a perfect description of how I feel about my JUST A GIRL figures...!


JUST A GIRL / HELLO NORI from POP MART is the second series of Blind Boxed figures from Aragon Honnin to be released (First series being Nori's Morning / Unboxing HERE), for which I first blogged about HERE, with the series just launched in Singapore, and I just happened to be around the shop in Tampines, Century Square (whom am I kidding, I made sure I went there to check out LOL), for which I snagged three boxes, and for which I unboxed them via three different TOYSREVIL social media-venues, embeddable here on the blog! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE them, please, thanks!


As mentioned in both the above and below featured videos, each figure possesses removable necks and leg - connected via Magnets - where you are able to "change" different hairstyles and shoes! Now THIS aspect of playability appealed a lot more to me beyond initial aesthetics, as it reminded me of PinkySt figures (and I HEART ME SUM PINKYStreet!), and I recognise now it is also an extension of my love for 1/6th (*How "TOYSREVIL started), which were all borne of the notion of interchangeable parts of the figure, which included clothing, headgear, footwear, etc ...! An extension of PLAYMOBIL from my childhood too, and I am all for that "playability"!

And this did not dawn on me, was I now re-watch my videos (and cringe at myself, thanks lol), but also recognise that maybe the packaging box reminded me of a cassette tape or even a game console game box! Although I'd much better relate to it as a "VHS Box" ~ LOL

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