Toy Review: BURGER KUN Blind Box Figure from Happi Class

I unbox a BURGER KIN mini figure #blindbox mini figure from @happiclass x @playmaxxhk (purchased from Ozzo Collection / in-store purchases only) and discover the joys of its articulation and interchangeability potential! Yay!

The BURGER KUN blind box series from Playmaxx was released in early-2021, with the PVC-made "platform" character figures designed by Happi Class, resulting in 16 regular colorways and 1 "secret"/chase figures in "Wave 1".

U;ltimately it was the ability to "remove" the hands and feet, that helped push the allue of the figure for me, as I personally place a decent amount of emphasis on "playability", besides having a toy/collectible standing in the display shelf, and that's all it could do, even if ultimtaly it'll just "stand on the shelf behind the display panel", innoit? Heh.

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