Unboxing Collectibles Care Package from Mirfak Prabowo

In this video I unbox a collectibles care-package from Indonesia-based creator Mirfak Prabowo (Features on TOYSREVIL), with these being his self-sculpted, self-produced and hand-pained resin-made collectible Art Toys currently snaggable via his eShop, or DM him on socials for availability, cheers.


The above video was first filmed on Instagram-Live (Watchable HERE), now edited and uploaded on YT, cheers.

Find out more about his SEAFRUIT PROJECT characters HERE

Still images forthcoming...!

...At first, it's started from a group of scientists who wanted to create a new kind of food that contains high protein and vitamins. And so they combined the nutrition of an octopus and a banana. Their experiment was a success, and Gupi is born. However after seeing it firsthand, they do not have the heart to eat Gupi because it's too cute. The scientists named their new species as Seafruit, and seeing the success on Gupi they plan to create more creatures in the future."

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