ELFQUEST (Panel Discussion) @ San Diego Comic Con 2011

San Diego Comic Con (www) is to host a panel for mystical 1970's comic book "ElfQuest" (how's that for a blast from the indie-past?) - including originators Wendy & Richard Pini, and new fan-based trailer "ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining" creators Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes. I remember being frustrated with trying to collect Elfquest in Singapore back when I was an impressionable youth - it was always frustrating as comicbook shops did not necessarily stock them, and I was ironically left with trawling thru second-hand bookshops (which means they HAD to come from somewhere, right? But WHERE?) and I lost interest pretty soon enough, unfortunately...

SDCC Panel Details: Friday, July 22nd at 8pm / San Diego Convention Center, Room 4

Panel Participants: Stephanie Thorpe (GOLD: Night of the Zombie King), Paula Rhodes (A Good Knight’s Quest), Wendy and Richard Pini (authors), with host Taryn Southern (Battle: Los Angeles)

About the Panel: The panel will examine the changing landscape of fan fiction, social media, and the web, bringing together the creators and cast of “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining”; along with special guests Wendy and Richard Pini, who will share exclusive, never-before-seen ElfQuest art and the latest news.

For Information or To Watch “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining” visit: www.ElfQuestFanTrailer.com.