"Tarth Briennes" by QUICCS for #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con (Sept 12-13)

If you have not seen the sculpt and luscious teasers for Quiccs' Cousin Typhoon, you should go CLICK HERE, then head right back to THIS post, showcasing his "Tarth Briennes" customs, "inspired" by the likeness of Star Wars: The Force Awaken's CAPTAIN PHASMA, and RUN to Artist Alley booth AA17 this coming weekend (Sept12-13) for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con (to be held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center)( to score your shiny own Captain, oh my Captain!

Will update on PRICE(S) once they are available. These would be limited to the convention though, as they will be made available online via afters :)

Yes, Briennes needs to be flank by 2 x Cousin Typhoons, for a respectable looking display, you know that, right? :) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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